Beyonce 5

beyonce knowles

  • beyonce giselle knowles

    beyonce giselle knowles
    birth name beyonce giselle knowels she was born and raised in houston texas she went to many performance art schools
  • destiny child

    destiny child
    destiny's child re;eases there first single "no no no"
  • secound single

    secound single
    they releases there secound single "with me' it was an answer to ushers song you make me wanna
  • there secound album

    there secound album
    they released there secound alnum wirtitng on the walls
  • solo career

    solo career
    she started her first solo carrer with her first single 'work it out' for the movie austin powers and goldmember
  • b and jay

    b and jay
    beyonc and jayz did a song "03 bonnnie and clyde' it reached number 4 on the hot 100 bilborad
  • debute album

    debute album
    she realesd her firat album dangerously in love
  • another relesded

    another relesded
    she releases her song "me myself and i' it reached number 2 on the U.S billborad
  • destinys child

    destinys child
    destinys child recored ther album "destiny fulfilled" in reached numer 2 on the us billborad
  • grammy

    destinys child releasesd there song "cater to u" it was nominated for two grammy awards and best r&b vocal performance group and best r&b song