Beyonce Knowles

  • Born

    Born and raised in Houston Texas , as she was growing up she was shy and had few friends. She started dancing at age seven and that's when she broke out of her shell and started singing and winning talent shows.
  • Period: to

    Beyonce Knowles

  • Destiny's Child

    Destiny's Child
    She formed this group at age nine it oringally was called Girl's Tyme, in 1990 with childhood friends.
  • Talent Show

    The groupo lost on the Star Search television
  • Destiny Chils's first Album

    They did really well they didn't do like millions but people liked it enough that they contounied to record new songs. Ome of their big hits was "Say My Name" they won 2 Grammy Awards.
  • Solo Career

    She was applying for acting skills and ready to be in movies and acting stuff. "Crazy in Love" was a really big starting point for her. She became more mature, more adventurous, and wuith songs like "Naughty Girl" and "Baby Boy" , more sensual.
  • First Hit Album

    It sold close to three million copies in the United States in it's first six months.She was a smash hit overseas well with, "Crazy in Love" single at the album reaching the top of BillBoard's European sales charts.
  • Grammy's Awards

    She has 16 Grammy's all from between the years 2001-2010.
    She has gotten them from Group Performances, Best R&B Vocal Performance... and lots more
  • Destiny's Child Split Up

    Destiny's Child Split Up
    Theyy were together for a long time and Beyonce wanted to start her solo career!
  • Got Married to Jay-Z

    Got Married to Jay-Z
    They both have tattoos on their ring fingers. Theyy had a private ceremony at Jay-Z's New York Apartment.
  • One of Her biggest Hits

    One of Her biggest Hits
    Single Ladies. She was known for her dancing in the viideo, and how it has such a greeat beat to dance to.