• Beyonce' was born

    Beyonce' was born in Hustin Texas.
  • Period: to

    Beyonce' Was Born

  • She Formed Her Own Group

    At Age Nine She Formed Her Own Group Named Destiny's Child.
  • Two Grammy Winnigs.

    They Won 2 Grammy
  • Seconde Album

    In 2006 Beyonce' released her second solo album call "B'Day"
  • Beyonce made a file

    Beyonce' Featured in a file about the dream girls.
  • She Was Married To Jay-Z

    They Met on a video set.
  • Her Cd was released.

    She has a featured song about her husband.
  • Single Ladies hit the charts.

    This song contributed to wining Beyonce' 6 gammy awards.
  • Tayler Wat Rudly introrupted

    She Was being yalled at by Kanya West becuase he believed Beyonce' should have won the award,not tayler swift.
  • Byonce' Anounces She Is Pregnant

    After Performing at the 2011 VMA Awards,Beyonce' rubbed her tummy showing off her baby bump.