Before Blue: Backstory Part 1

  • Earth's Population Hits 13 Billion

    On the first of December, 2063, the total amount of Humans on the planet reaches 13 billion. Water and food shortages are especially rampid in Kenya,Chad and Nigeria, driving local governments to appeal for foreign aid. Their cries largely falls on cold hearts however, as a recent scandal involving stuffed ballot boxes in the United States have the world's eyes riveted as events unfold.
  • Peace Protest Begins in Detriot

    Large groups of young people have organized a city wide sit in to protest against corrupt electoral practices.
  • Riots in Detriot Call For Immediate Attention

    As the United States electoral system still attempts to sort the actual votes, from stuffed ones, riots in Detriot break out from a peaceful protest a minor scuffle occurs between a rowdy protestor and an overzealous police chief. The riots last until the 22nd of the month, ending with a city-wide cropdusting of tear gas by the federal government, to prevent further damage to the infastructure.
  • End of Detriot Riots

    Detriot Riots end.
  • UK "Vigilante" breaks into Parliment, steals thousands worth of materials

    A masked man broke into parliment early Christmas morning, stealing valuuable merchandise and artifacts from the governent building, before distributing them to orphaned children,
  • Kenyans began raiding neighboring Somalia for Water

    Government Sponsored raids of Somalia begin to occur in Kenya for precious water resources.
  • President of US chosen

    President Allad Jemor , the first Middle Easten president of the United States, is chosen after deliberation from the electoral college. Americans remain restless,simply because he has been accused of stuffing the boxes a second time.
  • Somalia and Kenya go to War

    Somalia Declares war upon Kenya as a direct outcome of recently bulbous water raids on the already drought strewn country.
  • Period: to

    Somalian-Kenyan War

    The two bit-players fight over water rights, despite NATO urgins to the otherwise. The world watches in horror as over 350 million casualties insue.
  • Russia begins to experience water shortages

    Russia begins to experience water shortages after three of its largest water treatment plants are mysteriously poisoned.
  • Germany elects a new head of state;Known for rash liberal policies

    Germany elects Jonathan Thompson, the first non native German to win the seat.
  • Hacker Group Shuts Down Australia's Roadways with Clever Destruction

    Hacker group Anonymous breaks in the grid of Austrailia, causing major malfunctions with electric vehicles, and stop signs.
  • Period: to

    Second War For Independance

    A Profilic Mexican Cartels challenges corrupt Mexican rule, before eventually winning the rights to the Juraz Penninsula
  • Summer Temperatures Peak at 134 Degrees Farenheit in Southern Texas

    Many suspect unsafe Industrial practices.
  • Large Mexican Cartel Conducts Hostile Take Over of Small Town in Southern Mexico;Declares independance.

  • A Mission to Mars is Launched

  • Wonder Metal Discovered on Martian Surface

    Promisng an End to the Growing Housing Crisis. Is Brought back to Earth in droves.
  • Period: to

    Thousands of "Martian" metal distrubutions centers begin to explode.

    The metal does not react with high levels of Oxygen and Argon, causing a deadly reaction.
  • Metal Reaches Surface. Construction of affordable housing begins.

  • "Martian" homes are tested in Los Angelas, Tampa and London.

    Crime rates stagger with an abundance of homes, taking at risk individuals off the streets.
  • Martian Homes began to emit strange gas;millions die from the results.

  • Gas from metals begins to spread worldwide.

    Earth begins to grow inhospitable.
  • United Nations Annouces World Wide Evacuation

    Ships will begin departing the dying planet exactly 6 monthes from this date. Generous estimates show Earth becoming barren before this time next year. Governments frantically build evac. ships, while citizens worldwide panic.
  • Period: to

    The Time Without Order

    The world order changes as society grumbles within its inevitable doom.
  • Sixty Ships Packed to the Brim with 3 billion people depart Earth

    There destination is a preconstructed UnderWater city on the moon Europa.