• Beetheven was born

    "Ludwig van Beethoven." Enclyclopedia of World Biography.
  • The Cotton Gin was invented

    Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in the thirteen colonies. He invented this to make it easier for those who labored to pick the cotton seeds. They were now able to clean fifty pounda of cotton every day. This invention helped saving time and increased the production of cotton.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    Britain had put a tax on tea in the thirteen colonies. They were putting financial pressure on the colonists. The colonists were upsey about the tax and decided one night to dress up as Native Americans. They then boarded the British ships and threw all of their tea crates over board into the Boston Harbor which angered the British.
  • The US Declaration of Independence was signed

    US had their Declaration of Indepence signed on July 4th 1776 which is considered to be Independe day in the US. This action if signing it declared that the thriteen US colonies were now their own counrty. They will no longer be controlled or apart of Britain.
  • James Cook discovers the hawaiian islands

    James Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands. James was a fantastic navigator and this was his second voyage into the Pacific. He fisrt named the islnads the Sandwich Islands. Now the Sandwich Islands are the Hawaiian Island and are apart of the United States.
  • Years in Bonn

    Beethoven was a st6rong keyboard player. When it came to the composition of music Beetheoven was very talented. Beethoven did have reconizalbe potential in music. He knew someday he would have to pack his bags and leave Bonn to become more advaned in music. Only being the age of 12 though Beethoven had to spend a few more years growing up at home with the family before leaving to persue a large career. "Ludwig van Beethoven." Encylorpedia of World Biography.
  • Years in Bonn

    Beethovens first published compostion works got released. He published some keyboard variations. Also during the 1780's he produced the basis or many later works. "Ludwig van Beethoven." Encyclopedia of World Biography.
  • Going to Vienna

    Beethoven left Bonn in 1787 to go to Vienna to become more mature in composition and music. He then tried to find Motzart and become his student but his mother became sick. Beetheven had to return to Bonn to be by his mothers side and help her through her illness. (Pancella 10-11)
  • The French Revolution began

    The French Revolution started in 1789 because of the gap between the rich and the poor. It was a time where there was a big transformation of political and social systems. The main causes for the start of the Revolution are unequal taxes, hardships in the economy, and more socio-political contributions.
  • Returning to Vienna

    Beetheven returned to vienna to learn and study with music perfessional Hayden. Beethoven didn't recieve much out of Haydens teaching. He then turned to people of lesser talent to help him with his studies.
  • In Vienna

    Beethoven published more works. These were his first real mature works he has published. His creeer was launched from these works and he was to be a successful composer from then to his death. "Ludwig van Beethoven." Encyclopedia of World Biography.
  • Composes first symphoney

    Betthoven composed his first symphoney. His opera Leanore had three overtunes. This was the start of many well known symphony's and opera's. "Ludwig van Beethoven." Encyclopedia of World Biography.
  • U.S. Declares War On Britain

    The United States finallt declared war on Britian in 1812. The main reason for the start of the war was impressment on U.S soldiers. There were also many events leading up to the war like the Boston Massare and the Boston Tea Party. The U.S. wanted to be there own country and not contolled by Britian.
  • Gone Deaf

    Beethoven had been losing his hearing for a while now. However by 1815 he ahd almost gone compleatly deaf and could not hear very well at all. Beethoven could no longer perform publicly as a pianist. Also a few years after that he could no longer even carry a small coversation with anyone. "Ludwig van Beethoven." Encylorpedia of World Biography.
  • Composes Ode to Joy

    Ode to Joy was originally a poem written by Fredrich Schiller. Beethoven thought that the lyrics of the peom meant a lot and had a lot of feeling. He then decided to creat a symphoney out of the poem. The words or the poem were the choral part of the symphoney. This was also Beethoven's most famous piece and he is most known for composing this wonderful piece of art. (Pancella 27-28)
  • Beethoven's Death

    "Ludwig van Beethoven." Enclyclopedia of World Biography.