Beastly by Alex flinn- 327

By Rilee_M
  • 1-102

    Kyle, a popular, rich, and arrogant student invites a witch to a party, however he pulls a prank on her and gets himself transformed into an ugly beast. Given a rose thats last pedal will fall in two years... he has to find someone to fall in love with him before the last petal falls off. His dad buys Kyle an apartment with a housekeeper, Magda and a blind tutor. Magda and Adrian- Kyle's new name- create a greenhouse full of roses.
  • 102-201

    A druggy finds the greenhouse and when his life is threatened he trades it for the housing of his daughter, Lindy. Lindy unhappy with the set up stays locked away in her room. Lindy finally comes out of her bedroom Adrian explains how he is her age, and that he is lonely and offers to let Will tutor her. They talk a lot and get close.. eventually he shows her his greenhouse .
  • 202-300

    Adrian and Kendra made a deal that if he can get Lindy to kiss him by the end of the year that his curse will be broken and Will would get his vision and Magda will get her family in the US. Adrian takes Lindy and the others to his cabin during winter break. Through a magic mirror Lindy sees that her dad is in trouble and leaves with Adrian's permission since he loves her. Seeing that Lindy has again been sold and is in trouble Adrian rushes to her aid and reveals his beaastly side to everyone.
  • 300-327

    Arriving to help Lindy, Adrian scares and is injured by the guy that was holding Lindy hostage. When lindy rushes to his side he asks her to kiss him. When she does he is changed back into his former self. Will gets his vision back and becomes an english teacher at the High school Adrian and Lindy end up going to together. Magda turns out to be Kendra in disguise that was forced to take care of Kyle because of the spells she cast, His wanting her t o be with her family freed her of obligation.