Bay of Pigs and Cuban missile crisis

By JTernez
  • CIA train Cuban exiles

    CIA train Cuban exiles
    President Eisenhower gave CIA permission to train cuban exiles to invade Cuba. They hoped it would lead to an ovetthrow of Castro. A little over week later Kennedy found out and he approved. Even though Kennedy had doubts he still went along with it. America had to keep secret they were training them could have cause conflict with USSR because of an agreement they had to respect soveriegn territory.
  • Period: to

    Bay of Pigs

  • Period: to

    Bay of Pigs

  • The Bay of Pigs

    The Bay of Pigs
    The US army and the Cuban exiles land on the Bay of Pigs. And it was a complete failure. Castro and his men defeated the exiles and the Americans which he was supported by the Soviet Union. It caused tensions between the US and the Soviet Union
  • Soviet weapons in Cuba

    Soviet weapons in Cuba
    Soviet said and promised they would help defend Cuba with Soviet weapons. These included nuclear missles and missiles that were ready to launch. Those missiles could reach US cities in minutes. The president said they would not tolerate movement like that. Affected the US and the USSR by causing more tentions and maybe closer to nuclear war
  • Missile bases in Cuba

    Missile bases in Cuba
    On this day American planes were flying and taking pictures and spotted missile bases in Cuba. These bases had missiles ready to fire at any time or anywhere. The bases were controlled by the USSR. the tensions with America is increasing and means there willing to go to war with America
  • America speaks

    America speaks
    On this day the Government tells the people about what is going on over in Cuba. It said if any missile was launched it would be an all out attack on the Soviet Union. He gives his plans of how he is going to get rid of the missiles. soviet union are basicailly warning each other saying neither one of us going to back down
  • Qaurntine of Cuba

    Qaurntine of Cuba
    On this day the US but a blockade on Cuba. This was forcing them to not get missiles into Cuba. America was telling the USSR toback off and were prepared to use force if needed. This affected the US and the soviet Union with almost near conflict
  • Ships come to a hault

    Ships come to a hault
    All Soviet ships that were heading to Cuba come to a halt. This was due to the blockade that the United States had created. This made things better with the USSR they were debating wether to keep trying to seen ships to Cuba. Cuba was dissapointed in USSR because there was a warning and the USSR didnt give it to Cuba.
  • Missiles get removed from Cuba

    Missiles get removed from Cuba
    This where Khrushchev announces plan to remove missiles from cuba. Cuba tells the soviet union to get the missiles out because they dont want them. And the soviet union gets the missiles out. The US agreed to also take missiles out of turkey.