baseball bats

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  • baseball bat

    baseball bat
    in the late 1700s the bat was to be made of hickory or ash and was "about" 3 feet long. Bill Hillerich invented the baseball bat,
  • baseball bats

    baseball bats
    in the early 1800s players made there own bats from wood,, it was made in all different shapes and sizes depending on the player.
  • the next step

    the next step
    in 1859 a rule was past that your bat would have to be 2.5 inches in diameter and a max length of 42 inches.
  • next step

    next step
    in the 1890s a committee set a rule to the shape and size of the bat. the bat has to be round. and a diamiter of 2.75 at the end of the bat.almost all bats looked liked the one in the picture.
  • next step

    next step
    in 1970 the very first aluminum baseball bat cam in, every one wanted it beacuse it was light weight,durable, and much faster than wooden bats Article Source:
  • 5th step

    5th step
    Although the titanium bats were introduced in 1993, they were banned from professional games because of other dangers. the titanium bat look just like the aluminum bats but the dufferent metal mad the ball come so much harder. Article Source: Article Source:
  • 7th

    In 1993, both Easton and Worth introduced titanium bats, but like most bats the were band out of the major leages.
  • 6th

    in the late 1990s alot of different types if metal bats came out,Bats made of scandium aluminum are the most popular today., also a double-walled bat came out,consists of an outer wall of scandium-aluminum and an inner wall of a composite material , and a thick fluid or rubber between these two walls Article Source: Article Source: Article Source:
  • 8th

    in 1995 Easton and Louisville Slugger introduced the lightest grade of aluminum bats available to date.
  • 9th

    the 9th step is the most of the baseball company have made over 100s of different types of bats,but the only bat that you can use in the mlb in wood.
  • last

    now there are many different bats.every kind of bat hits different then another thats why there are so many, some people hit better with different bats.