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Bailey Hoeflings "Gymnastical Timeline"

  • First time in Gymnastics.

    First time in Gymnastics.
    In 2004, I was first introduced to the Gymnastic Sport. I Started out in begginers classess, but then about after a month, I moved into advanced classess with the 12year olds.
  • I learned the advanced Gymnastic Stunts

    I learned everything on un even bars, star bars, beam, stunt matt, ect.!!
  • Won a Gold metal for winning first place in compatition.

    Won a Gold metal for winning first place in compatition.
    In 2005, I won 1st place in competition. I was so excieted. I excelled above all my other team mates! I Went to severl Competitions That Year and i won every single one.
  • I broke my First Bone

    On november 21, I was Practicing a basic gymnastic Rutine on the Un-even bars. I got distracted and hit the right side of my coller bone, I fractured it From hitting it so hard on the bar. I faintly Remeber how bad I broke it but it hurt so bad.
  • First Time in Dance/Cheer/Tumbling

    On April 18, My mom started me in Dance, Cheer, and Tumbling. It was qiute easy considering that i have been in gymnastics before.
  • Cheerleader For Wadsworth

    In 2007, I was put on the list to be a Wadsworth Little league cheerleader. It was so much fun, But kind of boring, being the only cheerleader being able to do all kinds of stunts and then not being able to do them because it was "unfair" to the other kids.
  • I got to dance at "Abby Lee Dance Studio"

    On October 13, I got to dance at "Abby Lee Dance Studio" in Pennslyvania.!! I find this very interesting because they have there own show called "Dance moms" Which i am strongly addicted to.!
  • I was Awarded the " Sliver Gymnast" Award after completing almost all levels of gymnastics

    September 14, i was Awarded the "Sliver gymnast" Award for completing almost of the levels!! I've made it so far, and im deffinally not going to stop now.!
  • I almost Broke my Nose!!!!

    On March 16, I was Fooling around with my team mates on the equiptment. I got dared to do a Triple Front flip off the trampoline. It sounded easy, considering the fact that i could do most stuff. I went to take a jump on the trampoline, but as soon as i dunk my head into my chest i nearly landed on my nose, almost breaking it!! kinda stupid huh? haha
  • Present Day

    Today is the present. I've been through my ups and downs with my gymnastic career. I've won stuff, I've broke stuff, and theres so much more to say, But as my life goes on, we will just have to see.