Aztec, Incan, and Mayan

  • Dec 9, 1000


    -successsful farming method led to the accumilation of social classes
    -noble class , which included priests and leading warriors occupied the top runs off mayan society
    -merchants and pesants
    -mayan king on top
    -city-statess were independednt of each other,they were linked through alliances and trade
    -agriculture provided basis for mayan life
    -planted n raised beds of swamps and on hillside terraces
    -worshiped gods by means pf praying and making offering
  • Dec 9, 1000

    mayan continued

    religious beliefs led to the development of the calendr,mathematics and astronomy
    -belived time was a burden on the gods back
    -developed a 9260 days religious calender
    -based calender off of the observations of the planets, sun and the moon
    -writing consisted of about 800 heiroglyphics
    - only 3 ancient books survived
  • Dec 8, 1428

    aztecs help form triple alliance

    joined Texcoco and tlacopan to form triple alliance
    -alliance became leading power in the valley of mexico
    -mesoamerica was divided into 38 provinces
    -based power on military conquest and the tribute it gained fro conquered people
    -excersized loose control
    -controlled extensive trade network
    -huge market was economic heart of Tiatelolo
    -provided food needed for huge population
    -military leaders held great power
  • Dec 8, 1438

    Pachacuti took over power

    -Incan ruled large empire
    -government organized communities
    -road system was 14000 miles long
    -state controled most economic activities
    - land ws organized into lower and higher geographical units, each producing goods the other couldnt
    -allowed ittle private comerce and trade
    -landownership was divided in 3 ways:state lands, religious lands,and community lands
    -history and literature were memorized as art of oral tradition
    -elaborated calender system