• Aztec

    1428 joined two other city-states (texaco tiacapan) formed triple alliance nobles rule
  • Aztec social/ cultural

    Controlled an extensive trade sacrfies to Son God
  • Incan Political

    An impressive civilization of the 1300's based in the northern coastal region once controlled by the moche
  • Incan Economic

    By the 1200's the inca had established their own small kingdoms in the valley
  • Incan social/culture

    The incan ruler was descended from the son God
  • Mayan political

    Mayan were city-shaped were independent kingdom built by an dynaties
  • Mayan Economic

    O'mee were building their civilization along the golf coast in the period from 1200B.C to 4000B.C
  • Mayan social/ cultural

    By A.D 150 Mayan culture had burst forth in a flourishing civilization
    culture flowering