Ava Gardner

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In Film
  • Childhood

    Ava Gardner was born on December 24, 1922, in Grabtown, North Carolina. She was the seventh of seven children. When she was only 16 years old her father passed away.
  • Signing With MGM

    Signing With MGM
    Ava Gardner's brother-in-law sent pictures of her to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. This led to her signing a seven-year, $50/week contract with MGM in 1941, when Gardner was 18 years old.
  • Husband #1

    Husband #1
    A year after working at MGM Ava meets and marries Mickey Rooney in a small wedding with only immediate family and studio "body guards" in attendance. The marraige only lasted one year before they got divorced.
  • Divorce #1

    After one year or marriage, their relationship falls apart. Ava divorces Mickey Rooney. The day is further saddened by the death of her mother, Mollie.
  • Husband #2

    Husband #2
    Ava meets and marries her second husband, big band leader Artie Shaw.
  • First Starring Role

    First Starring Role
    After over 20 movies where she played only little parts, Ava finally gets a starring role in The Killers, which launches her career as a star.
  • Divorce #2

    Like her first marriage, Ava's marriage to Artie Shaw ends in divorce after one year.
  • Hollywood Starlet

    Hollywood Starlet
    Continuing her rise to stardom, Ava stars with her idol, Clark Gable, in The Hucksters.
  • Husband #3

    Husband #3
    Ava then falls madly in love with Frank Sinatra and although he is currently married at the time, he divorces his wife and marries Ava.
  • Ole´

    After Ava Gardner Starred in one of her most iconic roles in The Barefoot Contessa in 1954, she fell in love with all things Spanish and the following year, moved to Spain with her new husband Frank Sinatra.
  • Divorce #3

    Ava and Frank divorce. People Magazine termed their marriage as one of the "Romances of the Century" and Ava never remarried after their divorce.
  • Final Days

    Final Days
    Ava eventually packs up and moves to London, where she lives the rest of her life at 34 Ennismore Gardens.
  • Death

    Ava Lavinia Gardner dies in her sleep from bronchial pneumonia. She is buried in Sunset Memorial Park, US Highway 70, in Smithfield.