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Australian Studies

  • The English DIscovered Australia

    The English DIscovered Australia
    the English Landed at Botany Bay. The First Fleet captained by James Cook.
  • Start of the Industrial Revolution

    Start of the Industrial Revolution
    This was between 1750 - 1850 England. This was a time where great changes occurred in technology, transportation, mining and various factory work.
  • Period: to

    Austalian History

  • English Colonised Australia

    English Colonised Australia
    the arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Sydney to establish the penal colony of New South Wales in 1788.
  • Discovery Of coal

    Discovery Of coal
    discovery of coal in australia, found in Illawarra, Newcastle.
  • Bass Strait is Discovered

    Bass Strait is Discovered
    Bass discovered and named the Bass Strait we know today. This was proof Tasmania was seperate to the mainland.
  • Flinders Circumnavigated Australia

    Flinders Circumnavigated Australia
    From 1802 - 1803, Matthew Flinders circumnavigated the continent in a leaky and rotting vessel, 'Investigator', producing a map of remarkable accuracy on which for the first time the word ‘Australia’ was provocatively inscribed. Flinders proved there was one landmass: the east, New South Wales, was joined to the west, New Holland. He had already proven that Tasmania was separated from the mainland by a navigable strait. Matthew Flinders gave Australians their geographic identity.
  • Hobart is Colonised

    Hobart is Colonised
    1804: Hobart Town is established in Van Diemens Land which is now known as Tasmania.
  • Launceston settlement

    Launceston settlement
    Launceston settlement established in Van Diemen's Land.
    Like many Australian places, it was named after a town in the United Kingdom.
  • Lawson finds a way through the Blue Mountains

    Lawson finds a way through the Blue Mountains
    From the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, settlement had been confined to the coastal strip around Sydney, because no way could be found across the Blue Mountains to the west. In 1813, following several attempts by others, Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth found a passage to the western plains by following the top of a ridge. It was a difficult journey, often through thick scrub and steep country, and sometimes it was difficult to find grass for the horses to eat.
  • John Batman puts melbourne on the map

    John Batman puts melbourne on the map
    John Batman had steered a boat up the river Yarra and exclaimed, 'This will be the place for a village' when he contemplated the site of Melbourne.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    Immigrants leaving Britain in 1852 bought more tickets to Melbourne than to any other destination in the world. The new arrivals chased a single dream — gold. Thousands arrived daily.This brought both progress and problems. Sudden wealth transformed a small port town into a frantic world centre.
  • First Steam railway

    First Steam railway
    The first steam railway opens in Melbourne, linking Flinders Street and Port Melbourne.
  • First AFL match played

    First AFL match played
    This was considered the first AFL match, between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammer. The rules were slighty different, and the game went on for a very long time because no one could score on the huge ground they played on.
  • Burke and Will's Expedition

    Burke and Will's Expedition
    Burke, led an expedition from Melbourne in 1860 with the objective crossing the continent from south to north. W. J. Wills became second in command. When they got there, members of their group had already died and Burke and Will's were exhasted and died of stavation.
  • Uluru was first sighted by Europeans

    Uluru was first sighted by Europeans
    The Aboriginal people called it Uluru, meaning sacred meeting sight. The Europeans called it Ayers Rock, which really annoyed the Aboriginals because they were so much Emotionally attached to the area.
  • First Cricket Test match

    First Cricket Test match
    Test matches between 1877 to 1883 were rarely representative. The boat trip between Australia and England, which usually lasted about 48 days, was one that many cricketers were unable or unwilling to undertake. As such, the home teams enjoyed a great advantage.
  • Boer War

    Boer War
    These are wars of many names. For the British they were the Boer Wars, for the Boers, the Wars of Independence. Many Afrikaaners today refer to them as the Anglo-Boer Wars to denote the official warring parties. This was an important part of Australian history because it was the first war the Australians fought in.
  • Federation Of Australia

    Federation Of Australia
    A federation is the joining of states to become one nation.
    In 1860 there were six British colonies in Australia.
  • Mawson and Mertz

    Mawson and Mertz
    Sir Douglas Mawson is Australia's most famous Antarctic explorer.
    The team was the first to climb to the top of Mount Erebus, Antarctica's active volcano, and the first to reach the magnetic South Pole.
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    The Start of World War 1. Hundreds of thousands of deaths and dozens of countries. It had a significant effect on the political and social standings of the world.