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Australian History: 1750-1918

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  • Captain Cook lands in Botany Bay

    Captain Cook lands in Botany Bay
    Captain Cook and his boat crew, discovered the East Coast of Australia. They landed on the harbour. They investigated the local surroundings and feasted upon seafood. The Botanists enjoyed the arangement of life, such as the birds and the marine life. The members decided to call the harbour, Botany Bay.
  • Australia's first settlement

    Australia's first settlement
    Captain Arthur Phillip and the first fleet raised their flag to mark "Australia's first European settlement". We celebrate this day as Australia day.
  • Tasmania is Founded

    Tasmania is Founded
    Tasmanias', was then a British Settlement. The first settlement of the Europeans was along the Eastern shore of the River Derwent.
  • Crossing of the Blue Mountains

    Crossing of the Blue Mountains
    Gregory Blaxland, William Charles Wentworth and Lieutenant Lawson set off on an exploration across the Blue Mountains, from the Emu Plains to the foothills of the Blue Mountains
  • Queensland is Founded

    Queensland is Founded
    Queensland was chosen as a place for the Europeans to settle. They chose this state, for the more difficult convicts.
  • South Australia was founded

    South Australia was founded
    South Australia was founded in 1834, by Matthew Flinder's. George Grote, William Molesworth and the Duke of Wellington persuaded the British parliment to pass the South Australian Colonisation. They did.
  • Victoria is Founded

    Victoria is Founded
    Victoria's Port Phillip District was classed as Victoria's first settlement, but was later abandoned.Their first permenant settlement was in Portland Bay, it was discovered by Edward Henty.
  • Australia's Economical Depression

    Australia's Economical Depression
    The Depression had hit Australia, destroying the economical boost that Australia had once had. The Depression had caused the most major export business in Australia at that time, wool, to collapse.
  • The Dominion

    The Dominion
    Four colonies enjoyed responsible governments since 1856, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.
  • Male Suffrage Granted.

    Male Suffrage Granted.
    Victoria extended the vote to male residence to 21 years and over. The remaining colonies followed, but South Australia was two years before Victoria.
  • Aboriginal Children are enrolled in public schools

    Aboriginal Children are enrolled in public schools
    The first Aboriginal children are enrolled into schools, to teach them the "British" way.
  • Australian Cricket team defeats England, the Ashes are born

    Australian Cricket team defeats England, the Ashes are born
    In August, The Australian Cricket team defeated England, therefor creating the "Ashes". England's media dubbed the next Englad tour, the "Quest to Regain the Ashes"
  • The Centenary

    The Centenary
    Each state was now separated from eachother, but Western Australia. The representatives from each state went to New South Wales to celebrate.
  • The Great Strikes

    The Great Strikes resulted in much conflict between settlements. It involved seamen, shearers, miners and drivers. Many of these people quit and striked against workers rights.
  • The Australian Labor Party is formed

    The Australian Labor Party is formed
    In the 1890's the polititions formed a party called the Labor Party. This party would help workers from all over the country, and the workers would receive assistance from the government. It was founded by Chris Watson.
  • Women Fight to Vote

    Women Fight to Vote
    South Australian Women were granted the right to vote, in national elections.
  • Western Australia is the last colony to accept Federation

    Western Australia is the last colony to accept Federation
    Premier Forrest called for a referendum on the issue in 1900. He wished to steer Western Australia down the federation road in a sturdy carriage.
  • Australia Becomes a Federation.

    Australia Becomes a Federation.
    The Colonies of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania were united, they would now be known as the Commonwealth of Australia
  • "White Australia Policy"

    "White Australia Policy"
    The "White Australia Policy" was an act of the government to only allow "white" people into Australia. This means that only Northern Europeans were allowed into Australia. If someone was not :white" they would be rejected from entering Australia.This would exclude Chinese Goldfield seekers, South Pacific Islander sugar cane workers, Afgan Cameleers and Japanese Pearl divers.
  • The Stolen Generation

    The Stolen Generation
    The forced removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children was an official government policy from 1909 to 1969. They took these children away from their family to teach them how to be "white". They also taught them Christianity, instead of their own original beliefs. These children were subjected to abuse and slavery.
  • Start of World War 1

    Start of World War 1
    World War 1 had started when Germany and Britain went to war. Australia pledged full support to Britain.
  • Australian Troops to fight

    Australian Troops to fight
    Members of the Australian Imperial Force were sent to fight in Gallipoli. Joining them were troops from Britain, New Zealand and France.
  • Troops reach the peak of fighting

    Troops reach the peak of fighting
    The Australian troops had reached the peak of their fight, suffering great losses and the gains were small. 416,809 people were inlisted to fight, of that 416,809 people, over 60,000 people were killed, and 156,000 people were wounded, gassed or taken as prisoners. The victory was between the allies and the United States.