Australian Federation

  • western australia

    western australia became a penal colony
  • victoria and NSW

    victoria got separated from NSW
  • men voting

    all men over 21 years of age obtained the right to vote in south australia.
  • van diemen's land

    van diemen's land changed it's name to tasmania
  • Queenland sperates form NSW

    Queenland seperated from NSW with its western border at 141 degrees east.
  • colonies

    in 1860 there were six British colonies in Australa. laws were made by British parliament.
  • South Australian borders

    the south australia moved to 132 degrees east to 129 degrees east.
  • aboriginals families

    children of australian aboriginal and torres strait islander descent are removed from their families by australian and state government agencies. This practice lasted 100 years.
  • telegraph lines

    telegraph lines linked colonies. songs and poem about Australian indentity.
  • National Anthem

    It was composed by Peter Dodds McCormick in 1913. He wrote it after going to a concert where all the national anthems of the world were being sung and he was sad that there was not one for Australia.In 1878 the song was first performed at a function in Sydney.In 1984 the lyircs were changed to what we sing today.
  • ned kelly

    ned kelly got hanged
  • railway network

    the completion of the railway network between adelaide, brisbane, melbourne and sydney.
  • tenterfield oration

    sir Herry Parks gave a speech at the tenterfield school of arts asking for the the federation of the 7 Australian colonies.
  • australian federation

    the australian federation conference called a constitutional convention.
  • convertion

    convertion in Sydney the conotitution started to be bewritten repreentive read the corstitution.
  • conference

    conference of pro-federation group. vote for federation.
  • south australia

    south australia became the first australian colony, and the second place in the world to grant women the right to vote, as well the first parliament in the world to allow women to stand for office.
  • convention

    Queensland did not attend because they were against federation new constitution was drafted.
  • drafting constitution

    The National Australasian Convention met in 1897 and in 1898. Each colony elected representatives to attend, except Queensland, which did not support federation. Committees debated each paragraph of the draft constitution, changes were made, and a new constitution was drafted by Edmund Barton, John Downer and Richard O'Connor.
  • making a capital

    The decision was made to site the national capital in NSW, but not within 100 miles of sydney.
  • Australian flag

    a Melbourne newspaper conduted a design competition for an official federal flag. it had to include the Union Jack and the Southern Cross. The winning design is not the flag we use today.
  • edmund barton and the start of federation

    edmund barton was the very first prime minister of australia when the federation started
  • celebrating federation

    Before the parade guns boomed and other bells rang to signal the start of a procession which included soldiers, army bands and the mounted police.People stood in the street to watch them.
  • Melbourne Parliament

    the first Parliament met in Parliament house in Melbourne.
  • the high court

    the high court of australia was established.
  • first world war

    australian soildiers were sent to the first world war under the australian flag.
  • anzac cove

    australian soildiers landed at anzac cove on the gallipoli peninsula in turkey.
  • Parliament Canberra

    The tenth parliaament is fomally opened in Canberra, finalising the move to the new capital.
  • england and america flight

    the first flight from england to australia and flight from america to australia.
  • second world war

    the second world war is made with japan.
  • Australian troops

    Australian troops are sent to the korean war to assist south korea
    (to 1953)