Australia between the wars

  • jazz music first played

  • Period: to

    Between wars in Australia

  • Australia gains control of New Guinea

  • Official formation of the country party

  • Publication of C.E.W. Bean’s Story of Anzac.

  • 1922 Recession in the steel industry leads BHP to close Newcastle steelworks for a year

  • 1924 Sydney radio station 2FC begins broadcasting.1924 Voting is made compulsory for federal elections.

  • 1927 Australia has 1250 picture theatres; most films screened are from the USA.Car registrations rise to 82 500; highest level until after World War II.

  • 1929 Great Depression begins after a general period of recession.1929 North American company, Peters, begins manufacturing ice-cream in Melbourne.

  • 1930 Australia and Britain are linked by radio telephone.1931 Sir Isaac Isaacs becomes the first Australian-born Governor-General. Joseph Lyons (former LaborTreasurer) leads the United Australia Party to a massive victory over the Australian Labor Party

  • 1932 Sacking of Jack Lang, NSW Premier .Worst year of economic depression: unemployment around 30%.

  • 1933 Donald Bradman and the Bodyline test Cricket series1938 Sesquicentenary celebrations are held in Sydney.