Australia as a Global Citizen

  • UN charter signed

    delegates from 50 nationals sign the UN charter, in San Francisco
  • world war 2 ended

    thanks to USA for dropping an atomic bomb
  • the charter was ratified

    made official
  • australia joined UN

    today australia, joined the united nations.
  • charter establishing UNESCO

    the united nation education, scientific and cultural organization took effect after greece became the 20th nation to ratify it
  • Doc Evatt elected

    Doc Evattwas elected as president of the general assembly of the UN
  • UN passes the (UDHR)

    United Nations passed the universal declaration of human rights
  • Korean war

    The Korean War officially started with the help of china
  • the convention on the elimination

    the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women
  • australia reponded to the UN

    australia reponded to the UN/ australia's peacekeepers sent to east timor- teste, Aus 5000 miltary personnel
  • UN millennium development Goals

    UN millennium development Goals theses are eight goals decided in 2000