Australia 1780-1901

  • Elizabeth Macurthur

    Elizabeth Macurthur
    Elizabeth Macurthur born in
  • John Macurthur

    John Macurthur
    John Macurthur born in England
  • Smallpox

    Smallpox hits indigenous Australians. Ihad spread down from the north coast. Effect: Half of the aboriginal people die
  • Famine

    Supplies at the colony run low. Rations for everyone. Effect: Nearly a quarter of the population die
  • Wool industry

    Wool industry
    John and Elizabeth Macurthur start wool industry. Effect: Warm woolen clothing around the colony
  • Opportunity

    Brittish Goverment decide to send anyone who wants to go to the colony as a life opportunity Effect: Population in the colony rises
  • Here we come

    Two Catholic priests from Ireland arrive in NSW. It is the first time since 1804 the Irish have been allowed in the crowd. More Irish will come
  • Black War

    Black War
    Failed attempt to herd remaining free Indigenous Tasmanians to end black war (indigenous vs. white people) Effect: The black war continued
  • Eureka!

    Eureka stockade. Miners startb rebellion Effect: Approx. 27 people die

    The end of transportation to Australias mainland. All convicts now sent to Van Diemans Land. Effect:Port Arthur prison made.
  • Where's my water?

    Devastating droughts in NSW and Victoria. Difficulties for small farmers and small shops. Effect: Struggles for farmers who l,ive of their own food
  • Truganini

    Truganini the last Tasmanian Aboriginal dies. Effect: No more Tasmanian Aboriginies
  • Goodbye

    The aboriginal board of protection is given the power to force half cast aboriginies out of their reserves. Effect: Fewer population at the reserves and all are full aboriginals
  • Here we come

    Here we come
    The labor party is born. Effect: New politicians (Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard....)
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