Aunty as a Role Model

  • Date of Birth

    Maria Stella was born in Perth, W.A. Since she was born people always called her by her middle name, Stella, because there were too many people in her family called Maria.
  • Brother Born

    Her brother, Guiseppe was born.
  • Started Primary School

    Started Primary School
    Went to Holy Rosary School
  • Started High School

    Started High School
    Attended Newman College
  • Worked at Coles

    Worked at Coles
    Started a part-time job at Coles when she was 15 years old
  • Went to University

    Went to University
    Attended ECU Churchlands and recieved a Bachelor of Business
  • Worked for Auditor General’s Office

    Worked for Auditor General’s Office
    Worked for Auditor General's Office for ten years as an Auditor.
  • Married

    Got married to Marco
  • Quit job

    Quit her job at Auditor General’s Office
  • Started new job

    Started new job
    Works as an Auditor at Synergy and still does today.
  • First Child Born

    Her son, Stefano Cosmo was born
  • Second Child Born

    Her daughter, Alissa was born