Audrey Hepburn

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In Film
  • Aundrey was born

  • at age 5 she was sent to boarding school.

  • Aundrey's father walks out on family

    leaving no adress, settling in England. Aundrey relate backs to this event saying "the most traumatic event in my life."
  • parents formally divroce

  • first serious ballet class

  • andrey draws herself more to music and dance

  • gets a major supporting role in Secret People

  • Ondine premiers on February 18th to rave reviews. Audrey now learns she has been nominated for an Academy Award for Roman Holiday

  • Audrey receives her second her second Oscar nomination, for Sabrina, but loses to Grace Kelly in A Country Girl.

  • Audrey has a miscarriage

  • began working on the television movie Mayerling

  • she rejected the movie anne frank

  • gets married

  • aundrey's dad dies

  • during unforgiven fell off a horse and broke her back

  • gives birth to sean

  • suffers her 5th miscarriage

  • divorce between her and dotti

  • her son sean gets married

  • gets married to aundrea dotti

  • passes away in her home asleep

  • Luca was born