• Period: to

    1750 - 1918

  • More Efficent Steam Engine

    In 1765, James Walt designed a more efficent steam engine.
  • Battery to store electricity

    In 1800, Alessandro Volta invents a battery to store electricity.
  • Industrial Revolution

    A time period where major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportaqtion, and technology. It also had a profound effect on the social, economic, and cultural conditions of the times.
  • Machienery installed in factories destroyed

    In 1811, Textile workers smash machienery installed in factories.
  • First Passenger Railway

    in 1830, George Stephens invents the first passenger rail way between Liverpool and Manchester
  • Gatling Gun

    in 1862, Richard Gatling indroduces the Gatling Gun.
  • USA Civil War Ends

    in 1865, The American Civil war ends with more than 620 000 people dead.
  • Electric Light System

    in 1879, Thomas Edison unveils electric light system
  • Adolf Hitler was born

    Adolf Hitler future leader of the Nazi party is born.
  • Heavier than man flight

    in 1903, Thr Write Brothers launch first heavier than man flight.
  • Automobile

    in 1908, Henry Ford launches the Model T Automobile.
  • Titanic Sinks

    In 1912, the Titanic Sinks and shocks the world.