The enemy

(A.S.) The Enemy - Charlie Higson - Action/Surivial/Adventure - 440 Pages

  • Page 1- Page 50

    After the spread of a disease which kills off almost all adults on the globe, only kids are left. The kids would have the entire world to themselves, except that a few adults with the disease have survived and turned into zombie-like people. A clan of kids in London, called the Waitrose Clan, (the supermarket in which they reside) are barely making it through these hard times. The have sent out a scouting party to find food, and
    they are searching London. Pages Read- 50. Pages Total- 890
  • Page 51-100

    The search party, made of Arran (leader), Ollie (brains), Freak&Deek (smashing stuff), and Achiellius (warrior). They investigate a pool for food under Freak's persistence, and are attacked by a group of bloodthirsty zombies. They stab Deek with a glass shard, and drag him under the pool, eating him alive. Arran is also bitten in the process by someone who he believes is his mother, gone sociopathic. When they return, they learn another kid was taken. Pages Read- 50. Pages Total- 940
  • Page 101- Page 150

    The Waitrose crew are running out of resources. Their food is low, the water is running smoggy, their compound is getting infilrated, and their growing weary. At just the right time, a boy named Jester comes and tells them of a happy land in Buckingham palace. They team up with the Morrison's crew, their neighbors, and soon they're off on their journey. Pages Read- 50. Pages Total- 990
  • Page 151- 200

    They begin their travel. Midway in, a group of zombies attacks them, and Arran, the injured leader, goes ballistic. He kills at least fifty, but is accidentially shot with an arrow by an outside group of scavengers, and dies in Maxie's, his deputy, hands. They loved each other, and confess as he dies. Many others die. Later on, they are attacked by chimpanzees, and Josh, the fearless fighter, is killed saving ten small children. Pages Read- 50 Pages Total- 1040
  • Page 201- Page 275

    The troops arrive at the palace, greeted by a man named David, who's 16. He shows them around the palace, and shows off their successful program with an army, farms, and organization. Then he tells them his crazy plan of taking over the whole of London by posing as royalty. The Waitrose crew doesn't know what to do, and are at war with themselves in arguements. Pages Read- 75. Pages Total- 1115
  • Page 276-325

    The Waitrose crew ultimately decide to stay with Buckingham palacers for the moment, and because of their great fighting skills, they are appointed as leaders of their army. David then tells them to "negotiate" with a group of campers living just outside their property. They kill off the "squaters" and capture their leader, John, a brave cocky warrior. Pages Read- 50. Pages Total- 1165
  • Page 326- Page 375

    The Squatters come to Buckingham to sort out a peace treaty with the palacers. but it all goes wrong. In the end, they decide to settle their arguments by a fight to the death between their greatest warriors. In the end, they choose John vs. Achillies, and after a long battle, Achillies wins, but does not kill. Pages Read- 50. Pages Total- 1215
  • Page 375- Page 440

    The Morrison's crew and the Waitrose crew all decide to leave and make their own colony after many disputes between their officials. However, they are not permitted to leave, so they have an epic final battle and escape Buckingham Palace without losing one more kid. Pages Read- 65. Pages Total- 1280