Art Final

By chull51
  • Dec 1, 1210

    Jamb Figures

    Jamb Figures
    The jamb figures are found on the west portal of the Reimm Cathedral. They were all carved by different artist and are seperated in two groups. The left is an Annuciation scene and the right is a Visitation scene. Style period is Gothic. Artist is unknown
  • Period: Dec 1, 1210 to

    Art Final

  • Dec 1, 1485

    Porportion of the Human Figure

    Porportion of the Human Figure
    Leonardo da Vinci's take on the perfect symmetry of the human body. Style period is Renaissance
  • Mandolin and Clarinet

    Mandolin and Clarinet
    Wooden structure and paint ed sculpture by Pablo Picasso. Style period is Modernism
  • Nighthawks

    Edward Hopper painting of an American city during the 1940s. It is style period Realism
  • Untitled

    Roger Shimomura untitled painting with American and Japanese pop culture mix. The style period is Contemporary