AP World History Timeline

  • Period: to


  • US Stock Market Crash

    The market was unstable and on Black Thursday stock prices dropped. Stockholders sold thier stocks, thereby causing further decline in value. All markets were effected except for Japan.
    Resulted in The Great Depression
  • Stalin's Great Purge

    Stalin hired the NKVD to prevent rebellion.
    Trotsky, along with 21 other party members, was found guilty of conspiring to overthrow Soviet government. 30,000 armed forces as well were either executed or sent to the gulags. In the end even the NKVD were purged.
    Stalin had no opposition
  • Battle Of Stalingrad

    Nazi Germany attempted to capture Stalingrad. This initiated one of the most brutal battles of its time.
    The Soviets were victorious over the Nazis
  • Algerian War of Liberation

    Algeria attempted to gain its independence from france.
    Sparked civil war between algerians: those who believed in Fench Algeria & insurrectionist muslim Algerians.
    Independence gained eventualy in 1962.
    Conflict led to collapse of French Fourth Republic
  • Suez Crisis

    Conflict begins between Egypt & Britain.
    Egypt is victorious
  • Great Leap Forward

    Mao Zedong's idea of collectivization in order to industrialize china.
    This plan failed resulting in millions dead
  • Construction of Berlin Wall

    Seperated east & west berlin