AP Prep

  • Integration and Differentiation

    Integration and Differentiation
    Today, I completed a few of the free response questions in the practice AP test handed out on Friday. I need practice on determining units for free response answers for the real-life applications of integration and differentiation. I also need to review simple integration and derivative rules.
  • Equations

    Today I reviewed Euler's method and the growth and decay equations. I'll need to look over those equations right before the AP, too.
  • Polar Review

    Polar Review
    Today I worked on the review worksheet for polar equations. I understand the basic concepts but it is still sometimes hard for me to write the equations for the more complicated areas.
  • Test and Differential equations

    Test and Differential equations
    I think the test went okay. I could have done more practice problems. I'm glad we were able to omit a problem because I didn't know how to do one of them, although I should figure out how. For homework I am finishing Tuesday's Differential Equations worksheet. I have all the basic rules down, but the growth problems and applications of differential equations are hard for me to understand.
  • Series and Oil

    Series and Oil
    Today we did a mindjog on Euler's method, and that was helpful. I had forgotten about it until then. Tonight's homework is an AP problem on Taylor Series, and I'm having trouble with it. I found the Taylor series for cos(x) by hand and it looks more like sin(x), but my work is correct.
  • Interval of Convergence

    Interval of Convergence
    I was not at school today but I have been working on the blue packet, which is a full-length AP test, and I need work on interval of convergence and just basic series things. I think if I do more practice, I'll be better at determining what test to use for different problems.
  • Sick

    I was not in school again today but I did look over some of my notes and I finished the multiple choice of that AP Practice Test. It was very helpful. I need work on logistics growth equations.
  • What to do if you have no idea

    What to do if you have no idea
    I think I did fairly well on the non-calculator part of the free response I made up today, but there was one thing I had no idea how to do so I skipped it. I wonder how much I can skip and still do okay on the AP. Not that I plan on skipping things... I would also like to know what to do if I have no idea how to do something on the actual test.
  • Getting ready!

    Getting ready!
    The AP is really coming soon, and that just hit me. Wow. I did the non-calculator part of the multiple choice today and it went okay. I wish I knew some more formulas. I will work on memorizing things over the weekend. We have been reviewing in class, and that has been super helpful.

    Whew, I am finally done with my make-up work for calculus. The non-calculator multiple choice stuff I did today could have gone better... I think I started trying less hard towards the end. I'll have a super motivating breakfast the day of the test so i don't start getting lazy. We watched a super amazing powerpoint in class yesterday that I forgot to mention, and that was so helpful. I'm going to look it up on the wiki this weekend. Also, I have a study party tomorrow with Sophia!
  • Final Prep

    Final Prep
    This weekend and today I looked through my notes and completed any final review. I worked on the green worksheet given in class today and watched a few youtube videos on things I was unsure about. I feel as ready for the AP as I'll ever be.
  • Almost done!

    Almost done!
    All I did today for review was look at my formula sheets. I think I'm ready. I have 5 sharp pencils and 1 mechanical pencil and I'm ready for test day!

    We did it!!! I wish I had more time to review my answers on the first part of the multiple choice, but I had enough time on the rest of it. I am hoping for at least a 4.