Anne Frank Timeline

  • Anne Frank is Born

    Anne Frank is Born
    Anne Frank was born on June 12,1929 in Fankfurt Germany. Her parents name were Atto and Edith Frank. She had one sisiter named Margra.
  • Hitler becomes leader

    Hitler becomes leader
    The Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler,becomes chancellor(head of the government)of Germany. March 10:The first concentration camp is established by the Naizs,at Dachau,Germany.April: The Nazis pass their first anti-Jewish law,banning the pblic employment of Jews
  • The Franks move to Amsterdam

    The Franks move to Amsterdam
    The Franks decide to leave Germany to escape Nazi persecution. While Mr. Frank looks for a new home in Amsterdam,the Netherlands,the rest of the family stays with relative in Acchen,Germany.
  • The Nuremburg Laws are passed

    The Nuremburg Laws are passed
    The Nuremburg Laws are passed,denying Jews German citizenship and forbidding marriage between Jews and non-Jew
  • Germany forms a Alliance

    Germany forms a Alliance
    October,25 Germany and Italy form an Alliance(the Axis)
  • Van Pels Flee Germany

    Van Pels Flee Germany
    In the summer of 1937 the Van Pels family called the (Van Daans in Anne's Diray) flee Germany for the Netherlands.
  • The Germans Invade

    The Germans Invade
    May 10,1940 The German army invades the Netherlands
  • Anne gets a Diary

    Anne gets a Diary
    June 12,1942 Anne Frank recives a Diary for her 13th birthday.
  • Final Entry

    Final Entry
    August 1: The last entry was made in her diary. August4:The secret annex was invaded by German Security Police following a tip-off from an informer who was never identified. All of the residents of the annex are arrested and taken to Gestapo headquarters where they were interorgated and held overnight. August 5: They were all sent to a over crowded prison on the Weterringschan where they stayed for two nights.
  • Edith Dies

    Edith Dies
    Edith Frank Dies January 6, 1945. She died from some knid of health issue called typhus.