Anne Frank

Timeline created by ihes56
  • Born

    Anne Frank (in full Annelies Marie Frank) was born on June 12 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Hitler

    Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany
  • The Very First One

    The first concentration camp opens
  • The Diary

    The Diary
    Anne received her now famous diary on her birthday.
  • Germany Takes Over

    Germany Takes Over
    Germany Invades Poland and triggered WWll
  • The concentration camp

    Anne Frank and her sister Margot (pronounced Mar-go) where taken to a concentration camp called Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany during the winter, where food was scarce, sanitation was awful and disease ran very common.
  • The Letter

    The Letter
    Anne's sister Margot came home with a letter saying that the Nazi's would invade their school and take all the Jews to a concentration camp so, slowly they started to move their family to a secret room in the back of Otto's ware house he worked at. There, they could not flush the toilet, or talk in worry someone would hear them and send Nazi invaders.
  • The Jews Move In

    The Van Pels move in one week after the Frankes and hide with them.
  • The Nazis' are coming!

    The Nazis' are coming!
    The Nazis got an anonymous message from a christian who worked in the factory/warehouse about eight Jews living in a secret room behind the bookshelf in the back of the warehouse.
  • Death

    At Bergen-Belson, Anne and her sister Margot died of typhus.
    Typhus is a disease that could not be cured at a concentration camp so they died there only to find out they died less than two months before England invaded the concentration camps and release and get all the Jews that were captured and taken to the concentration camps and then taken home.
  • The British End It All

    The British troops invade the concentration and death camps and free all the prisoners.
  • The Survivor

    The Survivor
    Otto Frank was the only Frank to survive the concentration camps and later returned to the secret room in the back of the warehouse only to find one of the christian people who helped them hide and she gave him Anne's diary.
  • The Diary Goes Public

    The Diary Goes Public
    Otto read the diary and later found out that Anne really wanted to publish it so he did publish it leaving about three pages out. Thanks to Anne, we can all find what living through WWll was really like.