Anne frank1

Anne Frank

  • Anne's First Diary Entry

    Anne's First Diary Entry
    This date marks the first diary entry that Anne had made, on her birthday in 1942. Also the date she got her diary, Kitty.
  • Call Up Notice

    Call Up Notice
    Margot recives a call up notice from the SS, Otto Frank tells Anne it was him so she would not worry. This is the begining of when the Franks need to leave for hiding.
  • Hiding

    The Frank family was originaly supossed to leave for hiding on July 16, Due to the situation they had left early on the 9.
  • The van Daans

    Mr. Hermann and Mrs. Augustene van Daan(Pels) along with their son Peter join the Franks in the Secret Annex
  • Albert Dussel

    Albert Dussel
    Mr Albert Dussel (Fritz Pfeffer) a family dentist becomes the eighth member of the annex
  • Gandhi

    Gandhi is eating again!!
  • I Can't Make You Love Me!

    I Can't Make You Love Me!
    Anne's first major fight with her mom started after Anne refuses to pray with her mom when her dad is busy. Her mom stood up, walked to the door ad exclaimed I can't make you love me!
  • Pim's Poem

    Pim's Poem
    Annes father writes her a poem for her birthday
    "At yougest amog us, but small no more,
    Your life can be tyring, for what we have chore
    Of becomig your teachers, a terrible bore
    "We"ve got experience! Take it from me!"
    ~ and so on.
  • The First Kiss

    The First Kiss
    On this date, after many diary entrys, Anne Frank and Peter van Daan had shared their first kiss..
  • The Final Entry

    The Final Entry
    On this date, Anne had entered her final diary entry to Kitty,
  • Home Invasion

    Home Invasion
    This date, German forces had discovered the Secret Annex and had taken the 8 members of the Annex along with arresting two of their helpers