• Kimba, the white lion

    Kimba, the white lion
    This environmentalist story takes us to Africa, where Kimba, a white lion cub, aspires to take the place of his beloved father after his death at the hands of a hunter. But his ascent will not be easy, as multiple dangers stand in the way of the little lion. He must also learn everything necessary to be the visible head of the pack.
  • Meteoro (Speed Racer)

    Meteoro (Speed Racer)
    Also known as Mach GoGoGo, Tatsunoko Productions' racing work was an adrenaline rush for the little ones (and not so little ones) who sat in front of the television eager to see the new adventures of Gō Mifune at the wheel of his car, the Mach 5. Soon, the protagonist's dream of becoming the best pilot became part of the dreams of some children who, for the first time, were enjoying a series of speed to match.
  • Mazinger Z

    Mazinger Z
    Mazinger Z, the series that was a before and after in the mecha genre, penetrated the hearts of thousands of children who, shouting "Fists out!", Saw with amazement and surprise the events that took place in the last chapter of the series. Some could not even help crying when they saw the fate that their favorite character had in store for them. For them, Mazinger will always be the best.
  • Heidi

    If there is a girl who stands out for her affable character and for her good faith that is, without a doubt, Heidi. From the hand of this little orphan whom her aunt takes to live in the mountains (the Alps) with her sullen and unfriendly grandfather, many discovered the benefits of nature and how much it can be enjoyed in a natural place without the need for being surrounded by the pollution and noise of big cities.
  • Maya the Bee

    Maya the Bee
    Thanks to this intrepid little bee girl we discovered things as simple as the effect that the change of season has on these little creatures of Mother Nature. Of course, all seasoned with the inimitable humor of Willy, Maya's friend who always went with a sleepy face or as if he had eaten a hallucinogenic fruit.
  • Marco

    Accompanied by his little monkey Amedio, the young man travels around the world overcoming numerous obstacles such as lack of money and food to continue. In addition, he is a first-person witness to the cruelty that human beings are capable of in order to achieve his goals. Despite these inconveniences, Marco continues his journey tirelessly in order to find his mother.
  • Candy Candy

    Candy Candy
    If there is a love story that will be remembered by all those who enjoyed 70s anime, it is, without a doubt, Candy Candy. Based on the manga by Kyōko Mizuki and Yumiko Igarashi, the plot stars Candy, a girl who grew up in an orphanage after being abandoned when she was a baby. When she turns ten, the young woman is adopted by the Leagan family and aspires to become a true lady. From that moment on, the handsome boys, the love affairs and the drama are more than present.
  • Jackie & Nuca

    Jackie & Nuca
    Produced by Nippon Animation, this anime tells a story that praises friendship (when Jackie and Nape meet Senda, the Indian boy who becomes their inseparable friend) and defense of the environment. This theme is repeated in more than one series since the drawings were intended to promote the best values and characteristics of the human being.
  • Ulises 31

    Ulises 31
    Set in the middle of the XXXI century, Ulysses unleashes the wrath of the gods after saving his son Telemachus and two other children (Numaius and Thais) and having killed the powerful Cyclops. From that moment on, Ulysses' journey to Earth will be interrupted on numerous occasions by the deities who will put him to the test. All these tests lead him to the very Kingdom of Hades, a place where the fate of the protagonist and the rest of the characters will be decided.