Animal Farm

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    Animal Farm

  • The Old Major's goodbye Speech

    The Old Major's goodbye Speech
    The Old Major, an old manor farm boar, is about to die so he gives an inspiring farewell speech to the entire community.
  • The Old Major's Dream

    The Old Major, old boar of Manor Farm, tells a dream that he had the previous night, of a world in which animals live without the tyranny of men: they are free, happy, well fed, and treated with dignity
  • '' Beasts of England''

    Old Major teaches the animals a song called '' Beasts of England'' which shows similarity to his dream. The animals would use this song as motivation to free themselves from Jones.
  • Mr. Jones wakes up

    Mr. Jones wakes up
    When Jones hears the singing, he wakes up from his sleep and shoots into the night. This scares everyone and ends the meeting.
  • Old Major Dies

    Old Major Dies
    Days after Old Major gives his speech he dies sleeping, and the animals continue with his secret of the revolution.
  • Secret Revolution

    The animals start working in secret on the revolution
  • Begining of Revolution

    Begining of Revolution
    The rebellion comes when Mr Jones forgets to feed the animals and a fed-up cow pushes her way into the store-shed to look for food
  • The Rebelion

    the other animals come in to help and Mr. Jones and his men try to get the animals back in line but the animals chase them off the farm
  • The Victory

    The Victory
    The animals took the farm and rejoiced at their victory. They change the name of the farm to 'Animal Farm' and decide on the Seven Commandments to live with that focus on animal equality and avoid behaving like Jones.
  • Commandments

    the animals made the seven commandments to ensure that the farm did not end up like it had with jones. the commandments were
    1. whatever goes upon two legs is and enemy
    2. whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend animal shall wear clothes
    4. no animal shall dring alcohol animal shall sleep in a bed
    6. no animal shall kill any other animal
    7. all animals are equal
    they beleved that these seven commandments would be the bases of the animal farm.
  • Life is good after the rebellion

    Life is good after the rebellion
    The animals are happy, they work well together and more efficiently than Mr Jones ever did. Boxer the horse always makes a huge effort.
  • The pigs begin to teach

    The pigs begin to teach
    The pigs begin to teach the others to read and write but most of them are too dumb to actually learn anything.
  • Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer

    Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer
    these 3 animals are in charge, they create a philosophy called "Animalism"
  • The pigs steal

    The pigs steal
    The pigs steal some milk and apples for themselves after the first day's harvest.
  • Pigs Priority

    Pigs Priority
    At this stage, the pigs begin to take extra apples and milk for themselves, some animals complain, but Squealer persuades them that the pigs have to get additional food that they need because they are the smartest.