Ancient Greek Timeline

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  • The Oracle of Delphi Founded Year 1400

    The Oracle of Delphi Founded Year 1400
    The Oracle of Delphi was one of the most important shrines of Greece. People came fromall over Greece to have the futer told. What the oracle said somtimes changes history wether something so simle as a farmer planting his crops late to when a war will start.
  • The Trojen War 1200 BC

    The Trojen War 1200 BC
    In Greek mythology the Trojen war was fought between The Trojans and the Achaeans over the lovely Helen. Though the war actually happened the story has been lost in time and all that remains now is the myth. Any ways the war was started when Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite got in a big fight over who was the fairest. When they asked Paris, the wisest man in Greece he chose Aphrodite becaouse she offered the prettiest women in the world, Helen. She was already married thus starting the Trojen war.
  • First Olympic Games 776 BC

    First Olympic Games 776 BC
    The first Olimics took place in Athens, Greece in the year 776 BC. In the first Olympics there were only around 3 events and only Athenian citicens could participate. The most famouse event is the 1 stade race witch is just a foot race consisting of one stadium. There were also long distence races and relays. This first Olympics was the foundation of what the Olympics are now. Over the years people built on the idea until it no longer honered the gods but was just a very old tradision.
  • Homer Wrights the Iliad also known as the Odyssey 750-700 BC

    Homer Wrights the Iliad also known as the Odyssey 750-700 BC
    Homer's Iliad/Odyssey is one of the best Greek poems of all times. In the year 750 BC Homer started wrighting his master peice the Odyssey. It tells the heart breaking story of Odyssiuse who was lost at sea for 20 years searching for a way to get back to his home and his family. In the story Odyssius is sent to concer Troy and more importantly save the beautiful Helen. With the help of Athena he manages to capture Troy but when finally he succedes he can't seem to find his way home to Ithica.
  • The Trireme 700 BC

    The Trireme 700 BC
    The trireme was an Ancient Greek war vessle first built around 700 BC. It gets its name from the three rows of oars on each side of the boat, one man per oar. The Trireme first became populare during the Persian War when Athens used them to concer there enemies the Persians.