Ancient Chinese Dynasties Timeline B.C. era

  • 206

    West Han Dynasty starts to rule

    West starts to rule in 206 B.C.
  • 207

    Qin Dynasty Ended

    Qin Dynsty Ended in 207 B.C.
  • 221

    Warring States Period Ended

    Warring States Period ended in 211 B.C.
  • 221

    Eastern Zhou Ended

    Eastern Zhou Ended in 221 B.C.
  • 221

    Qin Dynasty Starts

    Qin Dynasty starts in 221 B.C.
  • 476

    Spring and Autumn Period ended

    Spring and Autumn Period Ended IN 476 B.C.
  • 476

    Warring States Period

    Warring States Period starts in 476 B.C.
    Warring States Period is in East Zhou
  • Jan 1, 770

    East Zhou Dynasty starts

    The East Zhou starts to rule in 770 B.C.
  • Feb 1, 770

    Spring and Autumn Period starts

    Spring and Autumn Period starts in 770 B.C. This period is in East Zhou
  • Jan 1, 771

    West Zhou Dynasty Ended

    West Zhou Dynasty Ended in 771 B.C. The kindom was handed to Easst Zhou.
  • Jan 1, 1100

    Shang Dynasty Ended

    Shang Dynasty Ended in the 11th century B.C. The Kingdom was handed to the West Zhou tribe
  • Feb 1, 1100

    West Zhou Dynasty started

    West Zhou started to rule in the 11th century B.C.Zhou Dynasty
  • Xia Dynasty Ended

    Xia Dynasty Ended about 17th century B.C. The Kindom was handed to the Shang tribe
  • Shang Dynasty Started

    Shang Dynasty started to rule in the 17th centurey B.C.
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    Shang Dynasty
  • Period: to

    Ancient Chinese Dynasties (B.C.)

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  • Xia Dynasty Started

    Xia Dynasty stared to ruleabout 21st centurey B.C.
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    China Xia Dynasty