ancient asia

  • Period: 300 to Dec 5, 600

    korean kingdoms

    between 300 and 600 a.d three powerful rulers forged separate kingdoms. The Koguryo kingdom in the north,paekche in the southwest, and shilla in the southeast
  • 500

    Yamato clan

    the yamato clan had dominated a corner of Honshu te largest island of japn
  • 500

    introduction to buddhism

    Missionaries form korea introduced buddhism to japan. This also came with the knowledge of chinese culture and writing. This opean a spark in the japanese interest in chinese way of life
  • Period: 500 to


  • Dec 6, 600

    japan and china

    prince shotoku of the yamato clan wanted to learn about china instead of korea. He would send young nobles to study in china.
  • Dec 5, 700

    mechanical clock

    in the 700s the mechanical clock was invented. the clock ran on water power
  • Dec 5, 700

    block printing

    this sytem was used in the 700s. It was when a full page of characters was carved onto a wooden block.
  • Dec 6, 710

    A new capital

    A new capital was built at Nara. Inspired by the tang capital at changan.
  • Dec 5, 1040

    Movable type

    in the 1040s the movable type was invented. It was made up of pre cut characters that were combined to form a page
  • Dec 5, 1100


    in the 1100s the song dynasty retreated to the south of the Huang He. And ruled for another 150 years
  • Dec 6, 1192


    many people think that the emperor had all the power when the truth is that he was powerless. minamoto yoritomo was a shogun in 1192 he was the first of three military dynasty that would rule japan for the next 700 years
  • Dec 5, 1200

    The united

    In the early 1200s a smart monglian united the warring tribes. The emperor's name was Genglish Khan which ment " world emperor".
  • Period: Dec 5, 1200 to Dec 5, 1368

    he Mongol Empire

    The mongolians empirer included china, central asia, and eastern europe. They ruled from the 1200s to 1368.
  • Dec 5, 1271

    Marco polo

    Marco polo was a merchant that left venice to persia, central asia and to china. He spent 17 years in china and came back to venice by sea. He came back with new ideas new dicoveries.
  • Dec 6, 1274


    in 1274 japan refuse to accept the monglians rlue so kublani khan sent a invasion from korea. however it was realy hard because a typhoon distroyed many monglian ships
  • Dec 5, 1279

    conquered complete

    in 1279 the last song empieror was conqured. It took the monglians 70 years to conquer southern china.
  • Dec 6, 1281

    another invasion

    the monglian emperor lunched another invasion however s what happened before a typhoon distroyed many of there ships
  • Dec 6, 1338

    new dynasty

    a new dynasty started in 1338. however the war level increased and became omre bloody
  • Period: Dec 5, 1368 to Dec 5, 1500

    Ming dynasty

    The ming dynasty started after a peasent leader pushed the monglians past the great wall of china. The name of the emperor was Zhu Yuanzhang
  • Period: Dec 5, 1392 to


    in 1392 the choson dynasty began.
  • Dec 5, 1405

    Zheng He first expeditions

    in 1405 Zheng He had his first of 7 expeditios. He left with 62 huge ships and hundreds of smaller ones, with a crew of 25000 sailors. the goal was to promote trade and collect tribute from lesser power lans
  • Period: Dec 5, 1405 to Dec 5, 1433

    Zheng He

    in this time he explored southereastt of asia and india. Also he explored the entrance of the red sea and the persian gulf
  • Dec 5, 1433

    Zheng He is dead

    in 1433 zzheng he dies. And his ships are later retired and rotted away. Why you askk no one really knows however some believe it was because it was to costly and wasnt producing enthough profit
  • Dec 5, 1443

    korean alphabet

    in 1443 korea wanted to feel like they still had some independence so they got rid of the chinese language and started to use the korea alphabet
  • Dec 6, 1450


    in 1450 the wars became so dangerous that even the peasents had weapons to defend the castle
  • Dec 5, 1500

    better methods of fertilizing

    in 1500 better fertilizing methods help improve framing. new crops came to china from the Americas.
  • japanese attack

    a japanese ruler wanted to invade china so they went affter korea first. to defend themself korea used turtle boats and after six years the japanese retreated
  • Brilliant general

    toyotomi hideyoshi brought most of japan under his controll.
  • toyotomi hideyoshi

    thisi is the year that this general defeated all his rivals and was the emperor of all japan
  • toyotomi hideyoshi

    this is when his dynasty fell and lost all of japan
  • the start of the Tang dynasty

    The Tang dynast started when the sui dynasty started to fall. The first emperor of the tang dynasty was a general of the fallen sui dynasty.
  • the end of the Tang dynasty

    like al other dynastys before theytang it to started to fall. High taxes, coruption, drought, and famine all helped the tang dyansty fall
  • The start of the Song Dynasty

    the founder of the song dynasty was a scholarly general. The reason why the song dynasty ruled less land was because they where under constant threat of invaders in the north.
  • gunpowder

    gunpowder was invented in 850. It was first used in fireworks then later in weapons. the mixture was made out of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal
  • changes

    as tang in china started to fall japan stated to change something that they learned form the chinese civilization
  • sei shonagon

    sei was a female writer who wrote many books however her most famous one is "the pillow book"
  • Period: to Dec 5, 1279

    the Song Dynasty

    The song dyansty ruled for 319 years. Also the song dynasty controlled less land then the tang dynasty. The song dynasty united much of china.
  • Period: to

    Shilla dynasty

    During this time korea became a tributary state. Show that they know thwt china is the overlord. Korea started to see there relationship with china as a youger older brother relationship.
  • Period: to Dec 5, 1392


    In the koguryo dynasty buddhism reached its greatest influence in korea. writers followed the chinese model painters followed the chinese principle. korea also invented a movable metal type print
  • Period: to Dec 6, 1185

    blending of cultures

    during the time of culture blending emperors would perform traditional religious ceremonies
  • Period: to

    tang dynasty

    The Tang dynasty began in 618 and ended in 907. It all began when the sui dynasty started to fall. The first emperor was a general of the sui dynasty. The Tang dynasty made some lands like korea, Tibet, and Vietnam tributary states. This means that there still independent but they need to know that china is stronger, and they have to send money to the emperor. As time past the tang dynasty started to lose land to the arabs