Amy's Life

Timeline created by infinitesungkyu
  • Amy's B-Day

  • When I started walking

  • Tsunami to ASIA

  • First day of kindergarten

  • When My brother was born

  • NASA releases plan for a moon visit

  • Day When I Broke my ARM!!

  • When I went to Malaysia and lived there for 3 years

  • First day of elementary

  • Microsoft makes Yahoo

  • Bill Gates retired from Microsoft

  • Barack Obama Elected for US president

  • Roh-Mu-Hyun suicided

  • When I went to India to live.

  • Going into AES the american school in India

  • North Korea Fires Missiles

  • Global Economy Recovery

  • When I went to Disney land

  • Apple Steve Jobs died

  • North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il died

  • When I came to Korea

  • Started BIFS in fourth grade

  • Day when I wore glasses

  • First Camping in the woods

  • Period: to

    Camping with family

  • Obama reelected second term

  • First time of when I went to the ski resort.

  • Period: to

    Ski trip to Gangwon-do with family

  • Period: to

    Jeju Trip with my family

  • Graduation of Elementary

  • Period: to

    Summer Vacation

  • Going into Middle School

  • Period: to

    School Camp going to Geumlyunsan

  • Period: to

    Chuseok Last Time