America's Development

  • Proclamation of Neutrality

    Issued by George Washington in order to keep America from getting in the middle of conflict between the two nations of Great Britain and France.
  • The XYZ Affair

    France got mad at America for the Jay Treaty with Great Britain. To resolve the discontent, John Adams sent over a delegation to meet with the French foreign minister. Instead, they were greeted with three angents(XYZ) and they demanded money in order for them to meet with French officials. The delegation rejected this bribery.
  • Convention of 1800

    A treaty between France and the United States stating the end of any American alliance with foreign countries.
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    President Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon of France for $15 million dollars. The purchase doubled the size of the United States.
  • Embargo Act Passed

    The act was signed by President Jefferson. It stopped trade between America and the warring countries of Great Britain and France.
  • War of 1812

    War was between Great Britain and America. British had been impressing American Sailors and American leaders called for war.
  • The Treaty of Ghent

    Ended the war between America and Great Britain. No side gained anything.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    Issued by President James Monroe. Stated the United States would not tolerate European intervention in the affairs of any independent nation in the Americas. Also stated America could no longer be colonized.