American School for the deaf

  • American school for the Deaf

    Founded in harts-ford, Connecticut. that was the first school to provide services for disabled children everywhere in the western hemisphere.
  • perkins institutution for the Blind opens.

    founded in boston, Massachusetts. this institution of it's kind first to offer services for people with mental disabilities. those attended were required to live and learn similar to a boarding school.
  • Council of Exceptional children

    the first advocacy group for many children with disabilities. the CEC Is indeed of the largest special education advocacy groups, for children with disabilities. this group ensures that children receive FAPE.
  • National Association for the retarded citizens.

    The association formed by 23 advocacy group that believed the same actions with having the same vision. NARC assisted with litigations assuring all parts of the judicial process were met.
  • Brown V. Board of education

    landmark court case that overturned plessy vs. ferguson arguing that separate is not equal. this case encouraged advocacy groups to bring awareness to the public of need of special education programs.
  • In the mills V.board of education of the district of colombia.

    Mental and Learning disabilities along with behavioral issues are all included. the ruling made it very unlawful for the D.C board of education to deny these individuals access to the public funded educational opportunity.
  • Handicapped Children's protection Act.

    Law signed by ronald regan. protection Act gave parent's more freedom and a door opened to a voice a more say so in their childs development of education.
  • Americans with disabilities Act.

    Law signed by president George W. bush. Law assuring people with disabilities having the same rights treated equally. during school and work.
  • No child left behind Act

    Law signed by George W. bush. this law assures that all student's should be proficient in math and reading by 2014.