American's Expansion Westward Was Inevitable

  • Farm Owning

    Farm Owning
    Many people didn't have the opportunity to own their own farms. By moving west, however, they would be able to. This drew many people to the west.
  • Better Jobs

    Better Jobs
    Many people moved to the west to simply live a better life. Part of that was job opportunities. This is one of the things that made expansion inevitable. There weren't as many good job opportunities in the east.
  • The Pacific Coast

    The Pacific Coast
    American Missionaries originally went to the Oregon Country to convert Native Americans. They later spread the word about the land, causing more people to want to move there.
  • Religious Freedom

    Religious Freedom
    Religious freedom was something that attracted people to the west. It wasn't available in other parts of the country, so people were drawn to the opportunity of religious freedom.
  • Slavery in the South

    Slavery in the South
    Slaveholders in southern states worried about being outnumbered in the Senate. This caused motivation for expansion, because it meant the possibility of other slave-states.
  • Improved Transportation

    Improved Transportation
    The better transportation is also something that made westward expansion inevitable. It made trade easier, and allowed faster travel. This made more people want to move.
  • Manifest Destiny

    Manifest Destiny
    Manifest Destiny was the idea that God had bestowed the entire continent to Americans and wanted them to settle the western lands. This was the main cause of westward expansion. It motivated people to want to move west, and expand because of the religion factor.