American History Timeline from 1700-1800

  • Comprehensive Slave Code

    The House of Burgesses passed its first comprehensive slave code.
  • Reverend Francis Le Jau arrived for missionary work.

    He arrived in Charles Town, Carolina to start missionary work there.
  • There was a major slave rebellion in New York City

  • The Walking Purchase

  • Slavery was legal throughout the region

  • The French and Indian War

  • Treaty of Paris

  • Sugar Act

  • Philadelphia became the center of colonial printing.

  • Boston Massacre

  • A rule for Quakers

    A new rule was made that a slave-owning Quaker could be expelled from their meetings.
  • Boston Tea Party

  • First Continental Congress

  • American Revolution

  • The Declaration of Independence was created.

  • First official flag of the United States.

  • Surrender of George Washington

    Charles Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown.
  • Treaty of Paris

  • Shays Rebellion

  • New U.S. Constitution

    The Constitutional Convention drafted the new Constitution.
  • First President of the United States

    George Washington was elected as the first president of the United States.
  • The Constitution went into effect.

  • George Washington is inaugurated as president.

  • The Supreme Court met for the first time.

  • Bill of Rights was approved.

  • The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney.

  • Washington was inaugurated for a second time.

  • Second Presidential Inauguration

    John Adams was inaugurated as the second president of the United States.