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American History Though 1900 Tyler Stapish

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  • Jan 7, 1292

    Marco Polo

    Marco Polo
    Wrote about his adventures in china when he got back
  • Oct 12, 1442

    Christopher Columbos

    Christopher Columbos
    Arrived at he Bahama Island.
  • Jan 1, 1448

    Printing press came into use in Europe.

    Printing press came into use in Europe.
  • Jan 11, 1474

    King Ferdinand

    King Ferdinand
    King Ferdinand of Aragon married Queeb Isabella of Casttile. they united kingdoms and conquered smaller castles
  • Aug 1, 1492

    Christopher Columbos

    Christopher Columbos
    Columbus was a portuguees sailor started his sail to Europe
  • Jan 1, 1497

    Vasco Da Gama

    Vasco Da Gama
    A portuguese captain, sailed around the Cape of hope to India and returned to portugal with cargo of valuable goods
  • Jan 1, 1513

    Ponce de Leon

    Ponce de Leon
    Discovered Florida
  • Jan 14, 1524

    North America

    North America
    North america began with the entrance of Verrazano into New York harbor
  • Jan 14, 1540

    The spanish empire

    The spanish empire
    the spanish empire in America extended from the tip of south America northward to california and from california eastward to florida
  • England

    By the 1600 england claimed most of north america
  • England

    the first permanent English settlement in america at James town
  • Champlain

    Champlain founded Quebec the first permanent French settlement in North America
  • tea act

    tea act
    in 1773 the parliament oassed the Tea Act
  • Declaratiojn of independence

    Declaratiojn of independence
    The declaration of independence. declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • American captured a large british army under general burgoyne

    American captured a large british army under general burgoyne
  • Cornwallis surrendered

    Cornwallis surrendered
    The Siege of Yorktown or Battle of Yorktown in 1781 was a decisive victory by combined assault of American forces led by General George Washington and French forces led by General Comte de Rochambeau over a British Army commanded by General Lord Cornwallis.
  • Treaty Of Paris

    Treaty Of Paris
    The treaty of paris signed
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    The Louisiana Purchase was the acquisition by the United States of America of 828,800 square miles of the French territory Louisiana in 1803.
  • Election Of 1824 "Corrupt bargain"

    Election Of 1824 "Corrupt bargain"
    In the United States presidential election of 1824, John Quincy Adams was elected President on February 9, 1825
  • Trail of tears

    Trail of tears
    The Trail of Tears was the relocation and movement of Native Americans, including many members of the Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, and Choctaw nations among others in the United States, from their homelands to Indian Territory in the Western United States.
  • Battle Of Alamo

    Battle Of Alamo
    The Battle of the Alamo (February 23 – March 6, 1836) was a pivotal point in the Texas Revolution.
  • Annexation of Texas

    Annexation of Texas
    The Texas Annexation of 1845 was the voluntary annexation of the Republic of Texas to the United States of America, becoming the twenty-eighth state
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin is published

    Uncle Tom's Cabin is published
    Published in 1852 the novel that profound effect on attitude towards african americans
  • Dred Scott decision

    Dred Scott decision
    The Dred Scott desicion was a desiocion the United states supreme court
  • Lincoln Douglas debates

    Lincoln Douglas debates
    There were a series of seven debates for a seat in the united states
  • Battle of Fort Sumter

    Battle of Fort Sumter
    The Battle of Fort Sumter (April 12–13, 1861) was the bombardment and surrender of Fort Sumter near Charleston, South Carolina, that started the American Civil War.
  • Signing of the Emancipation proclamation

    Signing of the Emancipation proclamation
    The Emancipation Proclamation consists of two executive orders issued by United States President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War. The first one, issued September 22, 1862, declared the freedom of all slaves in any state of the Confederate States of America
  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
    The Gettysburg Address is a speech by Abraham Lincoln and is one of the most well known speeches in United States history.[It was delivered by Lincoln at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the afternoon of Thursday, November 19, 1863,
  • The Appomattox Courthouse

    The Appomattox Courthouse
    The Appomattox Court House is a courthouse in Appomattox, Virginia built in 1892