American History: 1920-1929 Julia M. & Perla O. 4th period

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  • Political leaders and Political events

    Political leaders and Political events
    lleaders of the WWI in the 1920's were Woodrow WIlson,Theodore Roosevelt,Edward House,Henry Cabot Lodge,Newton Baker,William Taft,Robert Lansing,Walter Lippmann. 1920's U.S election on June 8,1920 the national convention meeting in chicago nominated Warren G. Harding, and 37 year-old assistan secretay of president Teddy Roosevent, for vice president.
  • Entertainment

    The first known radio was invented one August 31, 1920 and the music that became popular was Jazz.
  • Scientific Discoveries

    Scientific Discoveries
    Two researchers from Canada, Frederick Grant Banting (1891-1941) and Charles Herbert Best(!899-1978) made an incredibly discovery-insulin,regulates blood sugar levels in human body, thye also used injections and well controled diets that helped. Albert Einstien is awarded the Nobel PRize in Physics (1921). In America 1922, 2 Ameerican scientists, Dr.Herbert MClean Evans and K.S Bishop discovered vitamin E-serves as an antioxedent and is found in foods like margarine,peanut oil,sunflower seeds.
  • famous people

    famous people
    Louise Brooks first movie was on 24 Aug , 1925 she dancer and movie star. And some of famous people are Gloria Swanson she was movie star, Coco Chanel she was celebrity and dashion designer as today they are some stuff name after her. and a other famous woman is Zelda Sayre she was famous flapper and wife of F. Scott Fitzegerald
    now we have some of our famous mens like Charles Lindbergh famous avitor and adventures, Jack Dempsey boxer
    Babe Ruth baseball player.
  • What did you find interesing about this era?

    What did you find interesing about this era?
    We found interesing .. its that back then women where called fappers,first invention was the radio ,and specially how the women dress back then and how they had there hair.backthen the bathtubs with water heater was foldable and portable!!!