American Cultures II: Bartolomucci

By cn13pb
  • Segregation

    The surpreme court rule that their may be segregation between whites and blacks. Seggregstion is allowed only if both whites and blacks are given equal privileges. They called it "separate but equal". After it was passed there was seperate restrooms, drinking fountains, and entrances to buildings, etc.
  • Martha Maria Hughes Cannon

    Martha Maria Hughes Cannon
    Martha was born as a welsh immigrant who became a physician. She defeted her own husband to become the first female state senator to be elected. She was the state senator of Utah for 2 terms. After she was on the Utah Board of Health. She died on July 10, 1932.
  • Spanish-American War

    Spanish-American War
    When the U.S. battleship Maine blows up and sinks in Cuba's Havana harbor the United States declared war on Spain. Commodore George Dewey and his troops defeted the spanish fleet in Manila bay only having eight injured. The war ended with the United States on top on August 12, 1898.
  • Voting Machines

    Voting Machines
    Prior to this date voting was never very private for citizens to vote for government officals and local mayors or governors. Finally each citizen will beable to vote for who they want in private without any other distractions. Voting machines made elections more accurate because the voters did not feel influenced by others around them.
  • William Goebel

    William Goebel
    William Goebel was the 34th Governor for Kentucky. He was warned that a assisination was being plotted against him. With out any thought of it he continued to walk the streets care free. Outside of the old state capital six shots were fired at him one practicly killing him.
  • Assassination of President William McKinley

    Assassination of President William McKinley
    President William Mckinley was shot in Buffalo New York. He was shot by Leon Czolgosz. Leon was an anarchist who didnt like many of the political figures of the time. The president ultimatly died on September 14. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt would take over in office.
  • United Mine Workers strike

    United Mine Workers strike
    The Unitred Mine Workers held a strike agains the anthracite coal mine operators. The strike took place near the coal mines in Eastern Pennsylvania. Miners took on the strike to fight for higher wages, shorter work days, and recognition of their labor union.
  • First Flight

    First Flight
    Orvil Wright took his seat in history when him and his brother Wilbur built the first airplane. They started with a bicycle shop that took another path into aviation. They started making gliders which progressed into the first controled aircraft.
  • Cheswick, Pennsylvania mine explosition

    Cheswick, Pennsylvania mine explosition
    179 men were killed in a mine explostion in Cheswick, Pennsylvania. It took several hours for rescue men to reach the miners. Many of the miners died instanty after the explosition. Some where suffocated by the deadly gasses.
  • Third Flight

    Third Flight
    The Wright brothers continued at mastering aviation. They designed and constructed the Wright Flyer III. With Wilbur behind the wheel this aircraft was the first to fly for over a half and hour, it flew for 39 minutes,
  • The Great San Francisco Earthquake

    The Great San Francisco Earthquake
    This earthquake left 400 civilians dead. It reached a high peak at 8.2 on the richter scale. Its shock was felt 296 miles away from its epicenter. The total cost in damage would come to be around $500 milliion dollars.
  • Anti-black riot

    Anti-black riot
    Just about the citites polulation of African-americans where ran out of Atlanta Georga. There where 22 people that got killed this day. Eighteen of them where African american.
  • The Great White Fleet

    The Great White Fleet
    This was 16 U.S. Navy battleships that set out for a complete circumnavigation of the world. This was almost set like a test for the new steel battleships. Prior to this 1/3 of the U.S. Navy ships where wooden.
  • Anti-black Rioting Springfield, Ill

    Anti-black Rioting Springfield, Ill
    During two days of anti-black rioting in Springfield Ill two thousand African Amaricans where forced out of the city. Two where lynched, and six more where killed.
  • Model-T

    Henry Ford put his Model-T on the market origionaly for $850. By 1924 you could get a Model-T for $240. The Model-T was 177 cubic inches with a front mounted 4-cylinder engin. It had a top speed of 40-45 mph.
  • The Niagara Movement

    The Niagara Movement
    The Niagra Movement consisted of religious leaders, and humanitarians in association with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. This group was out to enforce equal civil, political, and educational rights. They enforced them with the 14 and 15 ammendment backing them up.
  • Mann Act

    Mann Act
    This act made it illegal to bring women across state lines, or borders to do immoral acts. This put an end to over 10 different redlight disctricts. Also prohibiting white slavery.
  • The Mexican Revolution

    The Mexican Revolution
    The Mexican Revolution was sparked sparked when Francisco Madero held an uprising against their president President Porfirio Diaz. Francisco Madero would become president of Mexico from 1911-1913. He would be assisinated while in office.
  • Progressive Party

    Progressive Party
    Formed from former dissident Republicans. This party endorsed anti-trust enforcement. and collective bargening. They also were very big in conserving natural recources.
  • Titanic

    On its first trip the well anticipated Titanic sets off, but is stopped short and sinks. This terrible accident left over 2,000 passengers and crew members to drown. There where 2,223 people on board and the boat only had enough life boats for only 1,178 people.
  • Assembly Line

    Assembly Line
    Henry Ford's need for faster more efficent ways of creating his automobiles drove him to create the worlds first assembly line. This invention ableled him to create 1,000 Model-t's a day. This realy put the pedal to the floor in the world of automobuiles, abeling him to create newer cars faster than ever.
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    He was the heir to the Austo-Hungarian throne. He was assinated which started a chain of events that lead to World War I. Most of the allies of World War I declared war on eachother.
  • Margaret Sanger

    Margaret Sanger
    Opened the first Birth Control clinic in Brooklyn. She was arrested for distributing private information. She had put a twist on birth control.
  • Erich Muenter

    Erich Muenter
    Erich Muenter was a college professor at Cornell University. He was also the one responsable for setting off a bomb in the U.S Senate reception room. He also took shots at financier J. Pierpont Morgan. Shortly after he commited suicide.
  • Adamson Eight-Hour Act

    Many railroad workers where very unhappy about their long work days. The government passed this act to prevent up comeing strikes. The act makes it manditory that their only be an eight hour work day for workers in the railroad industry.
  • Draft

    The U.S. Military starts a draft for the war. Any male age 21-30 where required to enlist in the military. Thsi was because of the great need for troops during World War I
  • IWW

    The IWW is the Industrial Workers of the World union that supported that all workers should be united as a class and that wages should be abolished. Their headquarters whas raided in 24 different cities. Ten leaders where arrested.
  • Children Workers

    Children Workers
    Many children where brought into the work force at a very young age. Most ehre payed very low wages, some received basicly no pay. The U.S Supreme court released a law that prohibited the distribution of goods manufactured by under aged children.
  • The Versailles Peace Treaty

    The Versailles Peace Treaty
    This treaty endend World War I. The treaty took away an abundance of land and natural recources from Germeny. It also took a big reduction of Germenys Army, and Navy.
  • Black Sox

    Black Sox
    Eight players of the Chicago "Black Sox" team where found for purpusly loosing the 1919 World Series. The players where first aquitted. Later they where banned form baseball in the MLB.