American Civil War

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  • Decloration Of Independence Issued

    Marks the day that America is finalized as a independent country. Thomas Jefferson wrote this document, only to be finalized by second congress.
  • Period: to

    Amercan Idenepednce

  • Battle of Chesapeake

    The Battle of Chesapeake symbolizes the regonition of American idependence by the British. This was a heavy naval battle over Virgina which American claimed victourious.
  • Cotton Gin

    New year marked new begginigns with Eli Whitney's break through invention and interchangable parts of the Cotton Gin, which revolutionized slavery amongst Americans.
  • Louisana Purchase

    The Louisana Purchase not only almost double the size of America, but was arugably one of the biggest facotrs which led to the Civil War. A clear battle between the North and the South.
  • Lowell Girls

    This is highly considered to be one of the shaping times in America seeing as how Girls modern civilization roles were changings, thanks to the Women of Lowell.
  • McCormick Repaer

    The Reaper was yet another break through in the American farming system. The reaper acted as a large sickle to cut down crop which proved to be much more effient.
  • California Goldrush

    The goldrush was a time of expansion and rise for the state of California. News quickly spread of the gold which layed in the sunny state and helped maked California more of a diverse society aswell as boosted the ecnomomy.
  • Abraham Lincoln, The 16th President of The USA

    Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the United States of America. South Carolin seceded from the Union, marking the start of a Civil War.