America 1800-1900

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  • Invention of the Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin, a machine which revolutionized the South, cotton production, and cemented slavery.
  • Marbury vs. Madison

    U.S. Supreme Court gains right to judicial review.
  • Jefferson Presidency

  • Louisiana Purchase

    President Jefferson buys land in the Westward United States from Napoleon for $15 million.
  • Madison Presidency

  • Period: to

    War of 1812

    After increasing tensions between the new America and Britain over the seizing of American navy men and the natives stockpiling weapons, a war broke out.
  • Monroe Presidency

  • Monroe Doctrine

    President Monroe issues an ultimatum forbidding further colonization of the western hemisphere by European powers.
  • Quincy Adams Presidency

  • Erie Canal

    New York State completes the Erie Canal.
  • Jackson Presidency

  • Van Buren Presidency

  • Harrison Presidency

  • Tyler Presidency

  • Polk Presidency

  • Taylor Presidency

  • Fillmore Presidency

  • Pierce Presidency

  • Buchanan Presidency

  • Lincoln Presidency

  • Period: to

    Civil War

    A bloody civil war between the Northern and Southern United States. Costliest war in U.S. history.