Alonso! ABA! History & Life!

  • The original ABA was founded.

    The ABA competed with the NBA. It's goal was to force a merger with the more established NBA league.
  • 3-point shot introduced.

    The new 3-point shot was introduced to basketball. It was never seen inany basketball league before the ABA.
  • George Mikan becomes commissioner of ABA.

    The only commisioner during the nine seasons of the ABA,
  • Big name players come from ABA to NBA.

    Stars from the ABA make an impact on NBA. Such as Moses Malone, Dan Issel, David Thompson, Julius ("Dr.J") Erving, George Gervin and Artis Gilmore.
  • First ABA All-Star Game.

    The first ever All-Star Game played in the ABA at Indianpolis.
  • Pittsburgh Pipers win the ABA Championship

    Pittsburgh Pipers win the Championship 4-3, Connie Hawkins named the MVP
  • Oakland Oaks beat Indiana Pacers 4-1 in Championship.

    Oakland Oaks win the championship.
  • Indiana Pacers win the ABA Championship

    Pacers beat the Los Angeles Stars in the Finals 4-1.
  • Utah Stars win the championship.

    Stars beat the Kentucky colonels in the finals 4-3.
  • Miami Floridians, and Pittsburgh Pioneers fold.

    These teams folded and left the league in 1972.
  • Utah Stars, Baltimore Claws,San Diego Sails fold.

    These teams folded and exited the league.
  • Utah Rockies, Virginia Squires and Kentucky Colonels fold.

    These teams folded and left the league.
  • Invented Slam Dunk Contest.

    In the last year of the ABA, they hosted, and invented, the now very famous Slam Dunk Contest at its All-Star Game in Denver.
  • Four new teams join the NBA.

    Four of the strongest ABA teams joined the NBA, the New York Nets, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers and the San Antonio Spurs.
  • The ABA's existence comes to an end.

    The ABA finished its final season. With the New York Nets winning the last championship.