Allison; Her Life And Times

  • Born

    I was almost born on my dads birthday, the 2nd. But a week later, I came instead! (:
  • Period: to

    My Awesome Life

  • Moved Homes

    Moved Homes
    It was very hard moving houses. We downsized, so it was very difficult to adapt. It still is to this day. Image credit to Google Maps
  • New School!

    New School!
    I started the third grade here at Priaire. I used to go to Harrison Elementry. It as a very big change. At Harrison we had K-1. 2-3. 4-5th grade all in one class. Image credit College Community School Districts
  • Sister Died

    Sister Died
    My sister died, and at that point we adoped her son. He was a year old then and has lived with us ever since. Image credit to treehouse1977 on Flickr
  • Terrible Ice Storms

    Terrible Ice Storms
    We had really terrible ice storms in the winter of 2008. We had no power for 3 days, and it was very cold.
  • Sledding Accident- Ouch!

    Sledding Accident- Ouch!
    I went sledding down a hill by my house when I accidently sled face first into a house. Ouch! I ended up getting a root canal on that tooth 3 years later. Image credit to oddharmonic on Flickr
  • First Camera

    First Camera
    I got my very first camera, a Minolta Maxxum 7000 in the spring of 2008. This started my love of photography. Photo credit from MJ/TR on Flickr
  • Floods Of 2008

    Floods Of 2008
    The floods of 2008 were incredibly bad. We had our backyard flood and our old house was devistated. It was on Ellis Blvd. and had 18 feet of water. Photo credit from justj0000lie on Flickr
  • Parents Divorce

    Parents Divorce
    My parents divorced and I had to move into a new house. There were lots of changes during this time.
  • Oil Spill

    Oil Spill
    There were lots of animals killed in the 2010 BP oil spill. This major disaster caused beaches to be covered in oil, and many people protested against BP because of what happened. Image credit to "dsb nola" on Flickr.
  • Japanese Earthquake

    Japanese Earthquake
    The Japanese Earthquake was a 9.0 earthquake that devestated all of the country. Many people died and there was a neuclear disaster there. The death toll is 10,000 and counting. Image credit to Kordian on Flickr.
  • Osama Bin Laden Died

    Osama Bin Laden Died
    Everyone was celebrating and dancing at ground zero and in Washington D.C. The whole country celebrated this event. Image credit to DVIDSHUB on Flickr