Miriah Nicholson-Scarvers was born and came into the world small and kinda big and beautiful.
  • 1st birthday

    It was my 1st birthday party and i had it at home and got cake all in my FACE!!! Everybody was there and you all ready know
  • 9/11

    The twin towers crashed and it was CRAZY and sad because lots of people died:(:(
  • I took my first steps!!

    I took my first steps when i was two lots of people told me that i was falling over
  • I started pre-k

    I started pre-k and i start playing with the little kids and having fun but still i didn't know none of them kids but yeah ihad fun
  • I moved to 16th st.

    I moved to 16th street and the house was big and white although i was going to miss my other house but i liked this new one.
  • Justin was born.

    Justin was born he's my nephew was born and it was overwheming but a new miracle.
  • I wen to Disney World

    I went to Disney World and it was my first time and i went with my nephew my sister and my mom and aunt, well alot of people was there because it was the family reunion but it was still fun and crazy because everybody was "DRINKING" but it was funny!!!
  • Sydney was born

    Sdyney my niece was born and it was more overwheming.
  • President Obama was elected

    President Obama (44th president) was elected and he was the first African American it was a big deal.
  • I came to I.C.S

    I came to ICS and i was all new i didn't even nobody. but it was good i was meeting all these people but it was different because i didnt even nobody and nobody new me but it was ard.