All about me and history

  • A big explosion

    A whale explodes in the town of Tainan, Taiwan. A build up of gas in decomposing sperm, whale is supected of causeing explosion.
  • A baby girl is born

    A baby girl is born
    I was born on January 28th,2004 in Moose Jaw, Sasketchewan, Canada at 5:45 a.m. The outside temperature was -38°C.
  • Period: to

    Alana's timespan

  • My first flight

    My first flight
    My first flight was March 15th,2004 with Air Canada from Regina via Toronto to Duesseldorf.
  • The presadental election

    The taiwanese presadent Chen Shui~bian is shot just befor the county's presidental election on March 19th, 2004.
  • A baby sister

    A baby sister
    The Birth of my sister was January 5th,2006 in Wichita Falls, Texas, U.S.A. at 12:55 p.m.
  • The stampede

    A stampede during the stroning of the devil rilual on the last day at the Hajjin Mina, Saudi, kills at least 362 Muslim pilgrims.
  • My first bike ride

    My first ride on a trainer bike was on April 2,2006 in Wichita Falls, Texas, U.S.A.
  • A powerful tornado

    Powerful tornadoes rip through Iwona city,Iowa on April 13th,2006.
  • An earthquake

    An earthquake in Niigata coast Japan, killing 8 people with at least 800 injured and damaging a nuclear.
  • The Grand Canyon

    My first visit to the Grand Canyon,Arizona was on July 12th ,2007 with my mom, my great grandma, and my two sisters Shannon and Jenna.
  • A baby tooth

    I lost my first baby tooth in July 27th,2007, and the tooth fairy brought me a hello kitty scooter.
  • An explosion in the Philipines

    An explosion hits the south wing of th house of representives of the Philipines in Quezon city killing four people (including Congressman Wahab Akbar) and wounding six.
  • Riyadh

    My first arrival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was July 12th,2009.
  • A new record

    Roger Federer wins a record 15th grand slam in tennis , winning a five set match against Andy Rodrick at Wimbledon.