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  • princess books..

    princess books..
    in 2nd grade i had a huge princess book with all the princesses and loved the book and still have it.
  • wrote songs...

    wrote songs...
    when i was in 4th grade, i started writing love songs.
  • poems to my family...

    poems to my family...
    in 5th grade, i started writing poems to my family about how much i love them for holiday gifts.
  • did drama and plays...

    did drama and plays...
    starting in 5th grade, i started doing plays for my school.
  • Teacher showed me "Absolutely Normal Chaos"

    Teacher showed me "Absolutely Normal Chaos"
    In 5th grade my would read books and she read this one and i loved it so much i bought the book in middle school to keep
  • Band Class

    Band Class
    In 6th grade, i started band and since then sheet music no longer looks like a different language.
  • Advanced Classes

    Advanced Classes
    In 7th grade i started advanced classes in school and have had them since.
  • Drawing

    In 8th grade i started drawing tattoo sketches.
  • Memorizing and Creating

    Memorizing and Creating
    Also in 8th grade i would memorize song lyrics and create dances to match the songs.
  • Tutoring

    My freshman year i started tutoring my brother for school, I taught him letters, words, and others.