Aliens in Time

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In History
  • Incident on the island of Maury

    Incident on the island of Maury
    Incident on the island of Maury 1947
    A fisherman was next to his son and his dog in a boat when six flying discs appeared, one of them dropped a substance on the beach that killed the dog and caused burns to the fisherman's son, named Harold Dahl
  • Kenneth Arnold

    Kenneth Arnold
    Kenneth Arnold, a salesman and pilot of light aircraft, said in 1947 to see bright plate-shaped objects flying at full speed in Washington
  • Roswell

    Roswell, 1947
    The most famous incident in history occurred in New Mexico in July 1947 when an onvi allegedly crashed on a ranch near Roswell
  • Churchill's letters

    Churchill's letters
    The British Prime Minister twice banned the dissemination of news evidencing the presence of UFOs by pilots during World War II. It was rumored that Churchill knew more than 200 cases and his decision to hide the information was in order to avoid mass terror.
  • Carson sink

    Carson sink
    Carson sink, 1952
    Military pilots of an American bomber claimed to have seen three planes that were faster than any aircraft of the time
  • Hill Abduction

    Hill Abduction
    Hill Abduction
    The marriage formed by Betty and Barney Hill achieved fame by stating that they had been kidnapped by aliens on September 19 and 20, 1961. From this case a book called "the interrupted journey" was published and a movie was made
  • The UFO that crashed in Berwyn

    The UFO that crashed in Berwyn
    The UFO that crashed in Berwyn
    On January 20, 1974, the inhabitants of Berwyn Mountain said that, after leaving their homes when they felt an earthquake, they saw a light and a large egg-shaped ship perched on the ground
  • Reagan and Carter presidents

    Reagan and Carter presidents
    Reagan and Carter
    Several former US presidents claimed to witness UFO sightings.
    Among them, Jimmy Carter stands out, of whom more than one laughed when he said he saw one in the White House in 1973. His successor, Ronald Reagan, saw a strange device flying over California the following year.
  • The black triangles of Belgium

    The black triangles of Belgium
    Between 1989 and 1990, more than 15,000 people claimed to have seen black triangular objects flying over Belgium
  • Bracknell

    Bracknell, 2013
    They photographed two bright disks floating outside the town of Bracknell (United Kingdom)