Alice Horrigan

  • Born

    i was born in 1999 on the 10 th of june at 12 44 PM
  • I got my favourite fluff toy Snoopy

    snoopy is my favourite fluffed toy
  • I had a haemangioma on my eye.

    im lucky i still have sight in my eye
  • 1st birthday party

    it was quite a big party but i dont remember it
  • My sister kim was born

    kim is my sister
  • I moved house to around the corner on Evan street

  • I started 3yr old kinder at Acatia Avenue preschool

  • Second cousins Natalie and Sarah and Linda and David come over from England

  • Second cousins Thomas James and Emma and Heather and John come over from England

  • I did kinder gym

  • I turn 4

  • I did 4yr old kinder

  • I had A toe operation

  • I had a 5th birthday party with a horse in the front yard

  • I had a not inground pool

  • I went to ballarat with Gran and Lucy and Sophie

  • I got a new car Mitshubitshi Outlander

  • I started prep at Mentone Park Primary School

    I had mrs Struthers
  • Cousins Charlotte ,Christopher and Kathryn come over from England

  • my first plane trip or out of state to Queensland

  • I Strarted grade 1

    I had Mrs struthers again
  • I went to my first footy game

    i think it was essendon west coast of something because i barracked for essendon
  • I got my first cat Harry

  • Mum and Dad went to America

    Las Vegas and San Fransisco
  • I started grade 2

    i had Mrs Mackay
  • I got my inground pool

  • I started grade 3

    Had Mrs MAckay
  • Auntie Elaine and Uncle David come over from England

  • I went to Queensland Again

  • I got Cindy my other cat

  • I strarted grade 4

    had miss Biddle
  • I went to Tasmania

    my first time seeing snow
  • I went on my first school camp to Angahook

  • I started grade 5 with Mr Riley the best teacher ever!!!

  • I started Netball for the Phantoms

  • I did dr seuss concert for school

    I was the pink splodge
  • I went on my first trip overseas on a big trip to Europe

    I went to Engaland and stayed with all the cousins then to Paris and then to Italy
  • I started grade 6

  • I started to play golf

  • Grade 6 camp to Coolamatong

  • I had my Graduationfrom Primary school

  • I started year 7

  • The Year 7 /Year 12 Fancy Dress Ball